• Banarok

    this site needs more ferrets…

    • Scrya

      I know right! But first, let me call the snake control hotline…

      • KingOfMangonia

        we need prairie dogs and mongoose too

      • Banarok

        This is oppression!, snakes need food too! (especially tasty ferrets)

  • Estelion the Great

    No pink. Shit site.

    • Scrya

      Well, your site is shit too! It doesn’t have enough pictures of girls!

      • Luen

        But all I see are girls there? N I gotta agree about the pink (Not the shit site part- totally not agreeing with that) I miss ur old site. It was one of the most fluffiest sites I knew. The current one makes me think yakuza for some strange reason…..=.=lll Btw scrya is ur pic a pokemon?

        • Scrya

          Yeah… I’m going through a rebellious phase.
          And, yes, it’s Furret!

          • Banarok

            you know furrets are freaking huge right?, it’s a 1.8 meter ferret.

  • White Head Ice Prince

    Am I the only one who jumps up and down when there’s a Disciple release?