[Announcement] Event Completion!

Wow, it has only been less than 3 hours since the chapter was posted, and we already have more than 100 comments! Honestly, I expected that it would take at least a day. Hoho.

Anyway, a promise is a promise! Including the Easter Egg bonus and the 5 event chapters,  a total of 8 chapters of disciple will be released by the end of this week!

For those who are wondering, the manga which the picture from the previous post comes from Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To: The Geniuses’ War of Love and BrainsIt’s hilarious, and I encourage you people to give it a shot!

Of course, even if we have achieved the milestone, please do not stop commenting! Keep it coming, and make this site livelier!


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    Aye aye Captain!

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    Yeeesssss!!! More of Zhu Yao and Master!!! My cutest OTP ever!!!!

    Thank you so much Scrya!!

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    good work + good novel = ensure loyalty

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    what? this is the first I’m hearing this, and I will give a go thank you.

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    Thank youuu (happy tears)

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    OMG! Its not even christmas, and yet so much happiness~

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    Can I do my Happy dance now ? :’)
    the Lurkers Army is formidable indeed

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    Where is Glossary from RPG WORLD?

    PS. I think old theme was better(visually).