• mintzu

    N-not released? TT A TT

    • tueysaloewa

      the link seems broken, if you wish to read, please click the link provided by the first comment on the first line

  • https://stargazingbb.wordpress.com vivi g.

    Yep, link is broken, i think.

  • https://stargazingbb.wordpress.com vivi g.

    Btw, bunny + coffee= hyperbunny! Hehhehhe

  • PR

    I’ll just leave this here.

  • Ryve16

    Scrya trolled us! I blame the coffee!

  • Albedo’s Ahoge~

    That’s a cute bunny.

  • Levaentin

    haha i can relate to that, just make sure you dont drink to much.

    ps. your link in the post is wrong or something.

    thanks for your hard work, have a nice day.

  • VC

    does no one read previous comments?…

    Thanks Scrya and thanks PR

  • http://scrya.org Scrya

    Sorry, was sleeping till now. OTL The link is fixed.