• Illen Junike

    What are you translating Scrya? (0.0)/~

    • https://stargazingbb.wordpress.com vivi g.

      Yeah, what is it? I’d like to read it as well 🙂

  • Hitlaris

    Python eh.. Are you taking Computing or Maths?

  • Sunny Sunshine

    O-O I will wait

  • r0b1n92

    Yeah i noticed that you are translating ATG, and other novels on moonbunny cafe, Good Work!

  • http://scrya.org Scrya

    I meant I was translating(plotting points) on a graph. D:

    • Andrew L

      Don’t worry, I understood the joke. 😛

      • White Head Ice Prince

        I didn’t get it…

  • rawr rawr Rawr!

    Our very own dealer of dru…*cough cough* err…translations is going to be irregular? :'(
    Best of luck with UNI!

  • Kimchigal

    Why not Wife is outrageous????

  • lorraine uy

    I feel your pain. My classes are tough too~

  • Cool Event Corps

    I thought you already have passed uni and in search of job…

  • https://eletian.blogspot.com Anna

    ah.. that’s why i don’t see disciple update on my reading list >.<
    thank you for the announcement!
    otsukaresama deshita

  • White Head Ice Prince

    don’t mind me…. just passing by for the 75th time…shedding tears

    • here again

      Dao of F5? Join me in checking every hour hoping novelupdates is a liar…
      PS Will do homework for translations 😉

      I kid I kid…kinda…

  • Ryanolee

    http://puu.sh/qT2PB/c5b68005a1.png badum tish

  • joy

    do anyone know when there wil be new updates, so i do not have to check every single day?

  • White Head Ice Prince

    high five bro, high five. theres always that tiny bit of hope novelupdates is broken, always that bit of hope scrya will post a chap any moment now….any moment now….(and that is how i stop myself from breaking down)

  • http://scrya.org Scrya

    I’m taking computing…!