[Announcement] Something heavy

Hello everyone, how is it going? I had wanted to write this for a while now, but I have been pushing it back. As most of you should know, it’s been almost two months since I started university, and honestly, I’m not doing too well.

I just completed some of my mid-term papers, and I am with the general consensus with all of my peers, and admit that they were tough. But they weren’t that tough. I did my revision on the topics covered, and everything that I covered came out.ย ย But. I couldn’t score. My mind blanked at almost all the crucial moments. Gibberish answers. Careless mistakes everywhere. I could have done better, but I didn’t. It makes me feel that all the hard work I had been putting in was just wasted. Sigh.

Studying isn’t fun. And it’s even less fun when all your studies do not pay off. But I have no choice but to keep studying. I mean, what else can a typical Singaporean university student, who had constantly studied for 12 years prior to this, do?

So, I’m sorry to tell you all of you this, but I most probably won’t be translating for now. At the very least, until semester break. ย I just can’t put my mind into translating when studies are weighing in on me. I seek your understanding!


  • Justin Miller

    Take your time, scrya! Don’t worry about translating for now, we’ll be here when you come back. Focus on your schoolwork for as long as you need to(hopefully not too long, mind you), and do your absolute best! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • TheTenk Tenks

    Best of luck!

  • junior1210

    Study! All else is a distant second. I’ll wait until you have time without jeopardizing your grades, be that two months or two years. As great a story these are they don’t compare to your education.

  • Past One

    Relax then study then relax you can’t study well while stressed.

  • Geust

    Is it bad for me to laugh at the part of “I seek your understanding!” I mean. Good Luck with your study’s and I Don’t want to see you back here translating until you are going strong at the University. You don’t need to seek understanding. It was already there when you went silent ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Felis

    It’s okay, man! We understand your hard work until now! ^^
    I’m a university student too. Although I’m sophomore but I still remember how it was in the first year of study. So, do your best at your study! Hope everything goes well after the mid-term! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ps. I’m in the period of mid-term examination too. xD I know what you feel bro!

  • Yuz

    It’s fine, don’t worry. Study first, translate later. Priorities !!!

  • FFai Amornchaiwuttikul

    good luck with your study.

  • kirindas

    Good luck with your studies! No worries!

  • Celan

    remember study first, fun after ๐Ÿ™‚ then translations.

  • Mirany

    (First post!) It’s great that you focus on your studies! Try study with some friends every day, that helps a lot! And study at school, not at home. First year is always the toughest, cause everything is new and you’re still uncertain of what you want your life to be.. But it will get better! Get friends, and more friends, and you will support each other. And know this: It’s ok if this isn’t what you want. Its ok if you feel you want to stop. Because thats Your choice. And its a good thing to admit the truth to yourself. (Personal experience) Good luck with your studies! And btw, Ty for translating this much!!

  • AJ

    Cheers up! Don’t be discourage or dissapointing in yourself.

    Sometimes work may not yield as much as input effort because there are many uncontrollable variables. Keep going and studying are hard and somehow it is depressing. I guess it is a process of growing up. To be able to accept dissapoitnment and know that it is not the end and that you need to keep going instead of how tired you are.

    Hang in there! Be proud on how far you have come and how brave you can accept that you have to keep on.

    My post may sound more depressing than how you actually feel hahhaha.

    Just wanna say that don’t worry about translation work and thank you so much for your hard work all this time. This translation give so much laugh and smile to many readers. It let me take a break from life in such fun and vivid world.

    And want to let you know that you are awesome, lower grade does not make you be any less than how you are and disappointme on past effort may not result in work life and future as much as it may seems.

    Thank you and cheers up!

  • Vincent Lin

    Blanking out during the times where you need to remember what you’ve learned, I know that feeling all too well. It’s all too understandable why you made this decision, and the only thing I can say is best of luck. None of us can blame you for your decision.

  • Jili lili gili cili Cg

    Good luck and don’t give up!!!

  • Oak

    Best of luck!!

  • thelazyaj

    Don’t worry about your reader. I think we all understand since alot of us are in school and are grateful for all your hard work. But, it’s better to focus on your studies then translating. We’re all here for you, whenever you feel comfortable with resuming we’ll be here for you waiting. Hope you’re not too stressed and keep working hard.

  • Luck

    Scryaaaaa ganbatte!!! Hope it all goes well for you in the end! Just return when you can~ we appreciate your time translating before and now your future is in your hands! Life happens~~ So just prioritise what’s important to you !~

  • Ebsolas

    Thanks for letting us know, and as a fellow college student I understand. So please work on your academics, make plenty of friends, and enjoy life outside of translating. We’ll be waiting patently for your return.
    An avid reader

  • https://stargazingbb.wordpress.com vivi g.

    Of course. Not to worry.
    It’s a bit disappointing there won’t be any updates for awhile but hey, you’re a student so of course focusing on studies is your priority. ????
    Don’t be too hard on yourself, ok?
    The best of luck to you!

  • puff

    big thanks! for yr tried.
    we understood yr intense when u translate it. hooe u get good grade, wil wait u come back.

  • Evera Wing

    Don’t worry Scrya, everyone has times like that (I know I did) all you can do is take your time, try not to stress/rush and keep moving forward.
    Know that everyone’s rooting for you!โœŒ๏ธ Wishing you the greatest of luck with the rest your work ???? and hope to hear from you when possible????

  • Albedo’s Ahoge~

    We understand~

    Focus all your attention on studies desu~

    And thank you very much for your kindness in releasing these translations. Wish you good luck~

  • Featherrain

    I translated the next chapter on a whim. Feel free to do whatever with it:

    Good luck with school, Scrya!

    • Bhlover

      Woah.. You can translate it? Nice~ do you projects? Mind sharing… I wanna read more novels.. And disciple is on hiatus.. ๐Ÿ™ hope scrya will do well in studies

    • White Head Ice Prince

      I love you โค

    • sybil


    • Ciel

      this little one thanks the great deity!

    • Featherrain

      Next chapter – just in time for Scrya to pick it back up.

      • Davi Shak

        Thank you for the chapters ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜™

  • Sarang

    You got this!


    Focus on what it more important.
    We understand and here to support.

  • White Head Ice Prince

    Its ok scrya-sama we will wait for you

  • Midnight2630

    wow Work hard at your university and take care (y)

    -You Can Do It!!!
    -do what?
    -Be The Top Student!!!

  • YoungMind

    Just pass by to see if you’ve put an announcement and you did ! I hope you will do better in your studies the next following months ! Take care, don’t stress yourself too much ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Stanley Slashhead

    Hey, a fellow Singaporean here, and I can relate to your problems regarding your test, exams and whatnot, going through that problem as well. I hope you get through this issue of yours cause I looked at the raws and my brain hurt, I got the general gist of what was going on in vol9chap13 mc *spoiler*entered a girl’s body(?)* but couldn’t really get the details(cause chinese is not my forte) and that bugs me abit since its a pain to search for the meaning of characters I dont understand. Hope that you’ll score satisfying marks in uni and be sure not to stress yourself out too much

  • Featherrain

    I might do a few more chapters of this, but I’m pretty busy so it’ll be slow.

    • Bhlover

      oh wow… thanks! if you do have a page .. i am willing to read all of your projects/stuffs…

    • Bhlover

      It’s fine.. thanks! *Thumbs up* if you do have any other projects I’m more than willing to read them all also.. =]

  • Jack Nathanial Mikhail

    Thanks for the chapter!!
    Wish you success!

  • chocholate

    Uuughhh.. i know how it feels, like wanna vomit but you just couldn’t.. studying is not fun… but we get no choice, keep move on scrya… i know it worthy and you can do it ????

  • bobolander

    Don’t worry about us. Good luck with your tests. I blank out many times too, that is why I usually stay till the very end, as my knowledge tends to come back at the last minutes.

  • davethwave

    We forgive this great sensei for having a life.

  • MiR

    You have my understanding…
    I’m having trouble with school too. A lot of trouble…

    It’s the first time in two years that I am taking a full course load, and I’m finding out the hard way that I’m just not used to it anymore.
    For a few weeks I felt like my sanity was being sanded away…
    So, yeah, you have my understanding. Good luck!

  • Danis

    hahahahaha RPG is on hiatus so i dont care what happen with other 2 novel well when you in UNY better focus on study more that anything else !!!

  • fronttide

    you can always cheat on google or friend :3 i always do that

  • http://eizu.deviantart.com Diana Santos “aka” Eizu

    I understand the frustration of not getting the deserving high scores after sleepless nights~

    >_< Good luck with school, Scrya!!! Fighting!

    I hope sem break will come asap for you to relax~

  • EmileLouisJolie

    I just read all of your translations in one go, many thanks, and good luck on your studies !

  • Ciel

    your loyal fan shall wait for you!!!

  • Taabraiz Akhtar

    Is so what if it’s a rpg world dropped?