[Disciple Releases] Chapter 175 – 179

Hello everyone! Missed me? I’m finally back, re-energized, and totally free! And it’s also kookie’s birthday too, so here’s a bulk of chapters to celebrate! πŸ˜€

Chapter 175
Chapter 176
Chapter 177
Chapter 178
Chapter 179

I would also like to thank Featherrain for translating Chapter 175 and 176 while I was gone. Though it would have been easier for me to just take your chapters as my own when you have given me permission to do so, I still decided to translate them on my own, for consistency and stuffs! Hope you don’t mind! >.<

Anyways, right now, my current target is to achieve at least the 200th chapter mark by the end of this month. So yeah, stay tuned!~

Oh and… Isn’t Rowlet the cutest thing ever!? Oh my god! Too bad I don’t have a 3DS to play Sun and Moon though. OTL


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