[Disciple Releases] Chapter 183

Chapter 183 is out!

This is another long chapter. Sigh… The longest one yet, I think? But I checked the rest of the chapters, they should be returning to normal size from the next one onwards!

By the way, is anyone else following the ReLIFE series?

Look at that smirk, look at how proud Hishiro is. Hoho.
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  • Ebsolas

    Scrya thanks for the chapter. Itadakimasu! (Or whatever the Chinese equivalent is)

  • Jaded

    I’m following Re:Life. Hishiro’s face cracked me up.

    Ohga, WTF are you thinking orz.

  • Katrina-Marie Medrano

    I read ReLife when it gets updated. She looks so proud of herself. ^_^

  • moto

    Love is when a meatbun and phoenix love each other very much.

  • lushika

    I read ReLife, but in spanish :3…Hishiro and Arata OTP **

  • NegiXNodoka

    I follow Re:life too though I just started this year, since I wanted to accumulate those chapters

  • Davi Shak

    Just started reading a few days ago, the characters are so cute.

  • luigiman

    lol i noticed that smirk too and laughed a bit.

  • Celan

    love RElife the drawings are fun