[Disciple Releases] Chapter 184

Chapter 184 is over here! Currently, I’m not following a fixed schedule with my releases. I’m just releasing them the moment I’m done translating. 😮

Also, I recently completed watching Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku, and I must say, why must they do such horrible things to magical girls nowadays. OTL.

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  • Levaentin

    Hi thanks for the chapter.

    And about the show if you think that show is bad to tje girls, then what about Puella Magi Madoka Magica? They have a lot of storys in their series and some of them are really sad and cruel and full of drama.

    btw In my opinion the last madoka movie was great.

    • http://scrya.org Scrya

      Yeah, I see that it’s the current meta with magical girls right now. Sigh.

      • Levaentin

        Haha first time i heard of the word meta to something that is not a game lol.

        And if you want something more light you could try the mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha series, is more gentle with the girls but has with a touch of shounen.

        You will never think of “befriending people” the same way after this series lol.

        Have a nice day

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    Yes…they started doing genre deconstruction to magical girls a few years ago and it just kept going. Sailor Nothing webnovel/comic was my first exposure on the English side of things and it’s still online but there have been SEVERAL shows about it like Pretty Cure and Madoka. The Battle Royale version was inevitable.



  • Davi Shak

    Thank you for the chapter

  • Sigh

    I wasn’t expecting an update when I clicked it…so…THIS IS AWESOME, THANKS!

    …I really want an anime for this, OMGosh.

  • Rei

    I marathon-read this and loved it so much! It’s both hilarious and serious, and I can’t wait for a new update. Thank you so much for translating this!