[Disciple Releases] Chapter 193 & 194

Chapter 193 and Chapter 194 here!

By the time you’re seeing this, I’m probably preparing to leave for school. (Or maybe I’m still trying to get up from my bed with all my might.) Hohoho. But yes, school has started, but I will try my best to release a chapter every 2 days!

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  • lili

    t”es un ouf merci:)

  • Mirany

    Thanks so much Scrya! And good luck with school! Even though we readers desparatly want more chapters, school work and student life is more important. And we understand that 🙂 So don’t worry if you have to just prioritize school. Good luck!

  • Silvery

    good luck with school!

  • L3G10N

    Hey Scrya, do you think that RPG world could get picked back up sometime? Not trying to seem pushy but I think others have been missing it as well during the long hiatus.

  • Levaentin

    Hi, yes i think is a little sad that you could not have more vacations, do your best in your university.

    Have a good day.