[Disciple Releases] Chapter 202

Chapter 202 is here!

Got to take my IPPT soon. Oh, what’s IPPT? To put it simply, it’s an annual fitness test which all active servicemen must take, and each window closes on the serviceman’s birthday. Which means… I have about 2 more months to train before I go for it.

Reality has struck me, on how my fitness level has dropped to an unbearable point ever since I left the army. If I fail, I would have to go for remedial training, which would suck so bad. OTL

Hopefully, there won’t be much good food during Chinese New Year this year…

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    This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

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      I concur.

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      Did scyra fall for the fitness ads? I hope not, I would miss the chapters!

      [Do you wish to be as fit as a hero?]
      [Do you wish to rid yourself of the inhibiting fetters?]
      [Do you wish to have the power to destroy countries with a glance?]
      [If you wish for all that and more then!] 》》{[Press Here!]}《《

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    Am I the only one who looked at that image, and thought, this is what Solitude should have looked like in Skyrim, since it allegedly has 500 years of history?

  • Silvery

    Wait scyra your’e a guy? Or women serve as well?

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    have a nice training scrya! hope you will pass the test! thank you as always

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    Sorry for the delay! The link’s fixed!

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    Good luck with the training!
    And the picture is wonderful~

  • Rynna

    haha…good luck with “…no good food for New Year..” I highly doubt it. For New Year, my mom would buy a whole roasted pig and there’s always more food with that.