[Disciple Releases] Chapter 205

Chapter 205

Ah. Though I’m happy that the comments were very lively on the last post, when I realized all of them are mostly people thinking that I’m a girl… Sigh… Oh well.

Anyway, it was quite busy for me last week, so there wasn’t any chapters. The releases will be quite random from now on, too. So yeah.

And from now on, I’m going to post more pictures of guys! And it’s not because I’m still bothered or anything! Yes, I’m just paying tribute to Chu Chulainn for how awesome he is!

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    ahh sorry for ignorance, who is chu chulainn? >__<

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      Lancer from Fate stay night

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        I watched fate 10 years ago lol… it’s not from zero right? CauseI I havn’t watched that.

        • Levaentin

          No no its lancer from fate stay night, Lancer from fate zero is named “Diarmuid Ua Duibhne”

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    if it’s any comfort i didn’t think you where a girl, however that might be because i never gave it a much of a thought.

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        Thank you for the chapter, scrya-san! I found your website several weeks ago and just finished reading the lastest chapter. I found it is funny that people thought you are a girl.. XD

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    There is 410 chapters. So I guess that means we’re halfway done.

  • Aya Plein

    I started reading discible a few days ago.. well..
    Currently i am at the 5th arc, so i am kinda addicted, i guess^^
    I combined the Chapters of the 5th arc to a pdf in order to read it on my tablet.
    Maybe a few of you need that too:

    • Aya Plein

      Added arc 6