[Disciple Releases] Chapter 208

Chapter 208

Ello! Time flies by so fast, and midterms are already here. So I will be focusing most of my time on them. And things aren’t going as well as I hoped. This module on java is killing me! Why can’t everything be in python! ヾ( ˃̶⺫˂̶。)ノ

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  • kiara8

    Hehehe, my midterm is here as well. Let’s both do our best 🙂

  • jipan

    Good luck Mr Scrya! Do your best!

  • Kaylin

    C is funner :3
    int main(int argc,char **argv) {printf(“%s”,”Thank you for the chapter~”); return EXIT_SUCCESS;}

  • fronttide

    because java is better than pyhton :3

  • Sunny Sunshine

    You can do it

  • https://eletian.blogspot.com Anna

    it smells like IT major.. mm..
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

  • Ebsolas

    Agreed. I’m having to do networking and were using Java. Tbh I quite prefer other languages like C, or visual basic.

  • Silvery

    you made my day! 😀
    thanks as always! <3
    lol I'm a fashion student, all I worry about is sewing my next project…. TT____TT"

  • Icicles

    Thank you for translating. Good luck on your midterms

  • Vana Sang

    Because of an incident, Yi Ling saved the trapped King of Beasts. After being well taken care of, this Beast King was actually moved by her. And then, after acknowledging their love for each other, Yi Ling successfully reined in this n+1th male lead, and he became a member of her gigantic harem. Trapped Beast=Sesame??

  • Admira

    Cheer up, Java isn’t so bad. I’ve been cursing at Python all day. I use 3 for personal projects but my class demands 2.7 and my computer REALLY doesn’t like having both installed.

    Thanks for the translation!

  • Fioremizu

    Oh, so you’re a computer science student. Good luck for your midterm.

  • Wanderer

    Still beats C. What in carnations are those memory errors! Darn them all!

  • Hưng Hoàng

    Hi. How is your midterm going? Don’t cram too much the night before the test. Just note down all the keypoint you need to remember

  • Rynna

    Is this novel still being translated? It’s been a month and no news.

    • kiara8

      It is, the TL is just busy with RL

  • Redilita B. Burgess Frost

    Where is ze new chappy?

    • kiara8

      You can read the MTL chapters if you’re feeling impatient

  • Saden Thunderhawk

    it has been a month since release. RIP. usually when stuff like this happens to novels they go out for multiple months -_-,. well hope mid terms are goin well.