Chapter 240 can be found here!

It’s never too late for recommendations, people! I have actually read Release the Witch, though I stopped right before the chapters hit three digits. Can’t remember why I stopped? I should probably get back to reading it soon! Aaargh, so many things to read! So little time!

You guys don’t mind if I go for another month of hiatus… right? Hohoho.


Also, thanks Kohina for the link to the Stormlight Archive Epubs, along with the person who directly e-mailed me the Epubs! Really appreciate it!

Anon asks: Did you never dreamed to be an artist, a sportive or maybe something else?

Mmm… because my dad is involved in an IT-related industry, I have always been sticking to path that’s related to computers and IT.

Though I did think of taking up drawing as a hobby before, but I dropped the idea after being piled with homework starting from year 3 of secondary school, I think?

Sports is not something I’m good at. Not at all. I have poor hand-eye coordination, to the point of being laughable! I’m like half a NEET after all!

Kohina Kitsune asks: How do you feel about yaoi or yuri?

I think they’re alright. I occasionally watch and read some light yuri things after all, and all I can think of is ‘Ah, so cute.’

I can’t really get into yaoi things. Probably because I’m a guy? It just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t judge if you like yaoi though! Ah but, if a trap is involved, that’s a different matter altogether. If it’s yaoi with a trap involved, I’m kinda okay with it. After all, traps are just girls with something extra between their thighs, right? 


TheDarkLink asks: Will you marry me? 😘

No. I’m married to kookie already. So, give up. *pats on shoulders*

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