[Disciple Releases] Chapter 254

Chapter 254 can be found here!

Ah. Another Sunday (It’s gonna be Monday over here when this post is released, but heck!). Another Kaguya chapter. I can never get bored of this series. The shoujo parody is just so spot-on, I can’t handle it. The fluff, it’s just too much for mee!~

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  • Nayn

    The new chapter comes with a skip over several chapters, though, doesn’t it?

    • http://scrya.org Scrya

      The previous chapters were taken off due to the recent licensing. 😮

      • Nayn

        Oh! I must have missed them… Sad now. Most of those licensed manga don’t make it to my country.

  • MondSemmel

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Agreed on Kaguya – that series is great, too.