Well, this is just a post to ensure you guys I’m not dead. Actually, I am dying, especially with this elevator pitch presentation that I’m supposed to be preparing for Tuesday, and though I have some stuffs thought out, I can’t piece them together and put them into words. Huhuhu. Plus I can’t imagine myself speaking confidently in front of a group of people. Urgh. Crap, this is turning out to be a rant post.

Anyway, I realized in the early months of this year, that there were some instances where I had radio silence for a long period of time, and many of you got worried that I had disappeared. So, I decided to at least pop in and update you guys every so often, even if I haven’t got much translations done.

So yeah~! Once I’m done with this speech on Tuesday, I might have some time to push out a chapter. Actually, no. I will push out a chapter this week. So stay tuned~!