[Disciple Releases] Chapter 270

Chapter 270 can be found here!

Right, here’s the next chapter as promised. And, as expected, I screwed up my presentation. Now I have to watch a video of my own cringey presentation and evaluate it. What kind of sadistic play is this!?

Picture source: here

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        • shaikorth

          If you don’t, i can? 🙂

          • Sky

            But can you can-can?

          • shaikorth

            Hard to answer XD

  • Kemm

    They are trying to convert you to masochism.

  • shaikorth

    They whant you to love your weirdness. See it, study is, embrance it. Became one of US *_*
    You are welcome.
    Without forghetting to thanks you for the chapter 🙂

  • blub

    The teacher is secretly a sadist
    EDIT: sounds like a title of some bad japanese novel

  • Ebsolas

    However cringy it was just remember, it can’t possibly be as bad as how Toby McGuire feels whenever he watches Spiderman 3.

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    Hi scrya! How have you been?

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    Are you well, Mr Scrya? I hope all is well. Good luck with RL, don’t forget to take care not to burned out, ok?