Heya! Chapter 271 can be found here!

Miss me? Huhuhu. Sorry for going MIA again even though I said I would update you guys frequently about what’s happening with me. Hurhur. Yeah, exams are over. But new trouble awaits! I will be going back into the army for a week for my yearly re-service. Actually, I have to report in about 6 hours, and have yet to get my good night sleep yet. Hohoho. But yes, I won’t be able to release chapters in the meantime because of this, so I will leave you guys with 3 chapters for now!

After that, once I get back, while working on chapters, I will also have to spend some time preparing for my internship this coming January. yes, I secured a internship, hurrah! As to my schedule during my internship, I will have to see how it goes. And then, at the end of December, I will be flying off for a week for vacation, so no chapters then as well.

No fret though, my target currently is to hit 300 chapters by the end of this year. Can I do it, I wonder? I should be able to! Hohoho! As long as I don’t procrastinate… Ahahahaha!

But yes, I got to run… to bed. Otherwise I’m going to look dead tomorrow when I’m reporting in. See you guys in a week!

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