[Disciple Releases] Chapter 294

Chapter 294 can be found here.

Hey everyone! Back from Taiwan! It was a pretty fun trip. Had lots of good food, and I visited Animate for the first time and bought 2 novels. If they turn out to be interesting, I might consider translating one of them once I’m done with Disciple.

One of them especially… might be BL. Yeah… I don’t know what got into me when I got it. I mean, the advertisement strip encasing the book clearly wrote: “But he’s a man… a man… a man… A MAAAAAAAN!” Evidently, there’s a trap as one of the characters. Might be BL, I don’t know, haven’t really read it. Ohohoho… orz.

Anyway, I will be finishing up to 300 by the end of next week, while preparing for my internship. Then I will have to see how I can fit my internship schedule with my translation schedule. Don’t get hopes too high though, but just know that I will be finishing Disciple at the end of this year as stated in my resolutions! :>

So yeah, once again, happy new year everyone!

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  • Kyaakuma

    Scrya is into BL…and traps… interesting

  • jipan

    Welcome back!

    Wew, never thought you were into things like that, Mr Scrya 😂

  • Bonnthanak Thet

    Welcome back and Happy New Year!

  • Lazy_Novel_Addict

    Welcome back Scrya and Happy New Year! As a fudanshi myself, I wholeheartedly support your choice in reading (and perhaps, future project!). Long live Scrya! Huzzah! Huzzah! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • shaikorth

    BL…. Traps are scay ;_; Good luck bro, we will remember your like a true man >.<

    THX for the chapter 🙂

    • blub

      If he brought back hideyoshi, it would be fine. Hideyoshi is a gender and not trap

      • shaikorth

        Yeah, totally faultless 🙂

  • zdaybreak

    Glad you had fun on the trip! Though uh, you brought back some questionable souvenirs ; x ; it’s okay, lotsa light novels have pretty cover art here.