Hey guys! Chapter 309 can be found here.

Chinese New Year is once again approaching! I wonder how many red packets I can get this year. Hohoho. Might get the same amount as last year, but from next year onwards, I will have two more sets of red packets to collect! After all, one of my cousins just got married earlier last month, and another one of my cousins is going to get married at the end of the year too! Once next year comes by, they will have to give me some cash. Kukukuku…


My cousins are getting married already, yet I’m still single. Sniff… Oh well.

In other news, I added a Gallery page that collects all of the illustrations that I have posted on my release posts in the past. Don’t really think many of you guys will use it, but I just added it anyway since it isn’t that much of a trouble.

But yeah. That’s about it for now! I might not be posting another chapter till after Chinese New Year, so I will say this now~

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

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