[Disciple Releases] Chapter 311 – 312

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It’s officially the new Lunar Year! Woooo! The best thing that happened was when my newly wedded cousin gave me a red packet this year, even though there wasn’t a need for newly weds to give them out on their first year of marriage. Hoho. Well, it’s free money, so I just to- I mean, it’s their goodwill, so it would be bad to reject it, right? Hohoho.

Then, I played lots of Mahjong, but ended up losing lots of money… Oh well! We rarely get to see each other all year, so losing a bit of money is just a small price to pay! Yes… Just a small price! Just… a small… price… Sniff.

Overall, it was really fun. Can’t wait for next year! \o/

CNY aside, I heard from an anonymous source that in a certain danmei discord channel, there’s been people labeling themselves as my wives. When did I get married!? Why wasn’t I aware of it!? And to so many people at once too!? At least let me know who you people are so that I can proudly boast to my parents that I’m no longer single! And if you have made this known to me before CNY, I could have shocked my aunts when they asked the question, “Do you have a girlfriend yet?” *coughs*

Well, I won’t stop you people from having fun. Just let me in on it too! Then again, it’s a danmei channel… Wait, are my wives actually guys, and not girls? (꒪⌓꒪)

Alright, that’s about it from me today. Lastly, let me say 吉祥如意, may you all be blessed with good fortune with everything you do!

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