[Disciple Releases] Chapter 320

Chapter 320 can be found here!

Hey guys, only got one chapter up for now. Been pretty lazy lately, especially after work. Oh god, I’m starting to have even more respect for all you people who can constantly work from 9-5 everyday.

Hoho. Oh, and it’s April Fools day! Hooray! Obviously, I won’t do joke releases or anything of the sort! Hurhur.

I will get another one or two chapters up by tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning~

No, I’m not joking! Believe me!

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  • shaikorth

    Ehi, happy to see you. Thanks.
    Yeah, the adult’s world is gray :/

  • http://waywardgentleman.tumblr.com/ sugar & spice

    Could you also translate for running away from the hero