[Disciple Releases] Chapter 345

Chapter 345 can be found here!

Even though I only set up the coffee button just yesterday, I have already received quite a bit from some of you, and I am really thankful for it! I’m going to set up a nicer button and a page for it once I’m free, and I’m also planning to put down all the donors’ names in my long-not-used Hall of Fame page. If you want to be anonymized, please let me know!

Picture source: here

  • Drake98

    I dont hav moneh, so I could only donate by clicking adfly link…

  • Anra7777

    The pic is so cute. Do you know if it’s an original or fan art? I tried looking it up based on the title, but I’m not sure…

    • Anra7777

      Never mind. I answered my own question by looking at the page again and saw that the tags said “original.” 😅

  • shaikorth

    Sorry, not working 🙁
    Anyway, so cute *.*

  • Raymond Huynh

    Hi, any news?

  • Sunny Sunshine

    omg I don’t remember if I ever sent this to you, but two years ago when you were doing the zhuyoa dragon arc I made this! Thanks for sticking to the story my dude. 😀 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fe880090533c2e9c41d2cb95495ba03b21f45fc53f3a667cf188f9166b3b8dc4.jpg

    • http://scrya.org Scrya

      😮 I don’t think you sent it! But wow, awesome illustration! 😀