Chapter 367 can be found here!

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update again. I was busy getting used to my new schedule that incorporates some time for me to exercise, and after starting to eat less rice and carbs as some of you suggested, I ended up getting tired a lot more often. So I wasn’t in the mood to translate for a bit. Well, got back to translating now, and I actually translated up to 383, but it’s just that I became lazy in uploading the chapters 1 by 1. Ahahahahaha. (Life of a lazy translator right here)

Anyway, for now I will have up to 373 uploaded so that you guys don’t get bombarded with so many chapters all of a sudden. (Plus I need to sleep now, I got lesson at 8am orz)

Good news though! I managed to lose about 4kg in the last month! So I really appreciate all of the suggestions and help I received! 😀