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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 203

Chapter 203 is out!

Some bad news here. This is actually the last stocked-up chapter I have. I was sick a few days ago, and didn’t have the mood to do anything other than sleep. (Which was also why it took me so long to respond to the broken link for the previous chapter.)

On one hand, it’s a good thing that fell sick right before chinese new year, so I wouldn’t eat too much during the holidays, but it feels like the training I did (though little it may be) had gone to waste. OTL.

But yeah, chapters will most likely not be scheduled for now, and will be delayed a little. At least, until I catch up with the work and lectures I missed while I was sick.

Despite my lack of chapter releases, I hope that all those celebrating Chinese New Year to have a good holiday! (And of course people who are not celebrating it but are leeching off the free holidays given. *coughs*)

And I also like to point out how funny it is that people are still thinking that I’m a woman! I’m a man, alright!

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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 202

Chapter 202 is here!

Got to take my IPPT soon. Oh, what’s IPPT? To put it simply, it’s an annual fitness test which all active servicemen must take, and each window closes on the serviceman’s birthday. Which means… I have about 2 more months to train before I go for it.

Reality has struck me, on how my fitness level has dropped to an unbearable point ever since I left the army. If I fail, I would have to go for remedial training, which would suck so bad. OTL

Hopefully, there won’t be much good food during Chinese New Year this year…

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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 200

We have finally reached the 200th chapter! Hooray! We’re just a little more than halfway to go!

If you haven’t realized, releases are currently scheduled at 8AM (+8 GMT) every other day, and I’m trying to keep a stock of about 3 chapters so that I can have some buffer. Of course, I know many of you are concerned about my studies as well, so I promise that I will stop once it gets really busy~!

So yeah, thanks for the support thus far everyone! Let’s push on with the same high spirits for the next 200 chapters! Whooo!~

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