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[Update] Chapter Delayed

Mn… The next chapter for Disciple will be delayed. Probably a few hours, or maybe I will just release tomorrow. Got some school commitments to take care of.

Yep, just to let you all know~

Ah, also, if you want to buy me coffee or anything, I set up a paypal button at the side bar. The release rate however will not be affected by the donations, just that it will give me some spending money to buy my daily morning coffee (Iced Coffee with less sweetening!) to survive the mornings at work. Hohoho.

There’s no pressure in donating, but if you are planning on doing so, you have my sincerest thanks! 😀

[Announcement] October Update

Well, this is just a post to ensure you guys I’m not dead. Actually, I am dying, especially with this elevator pitch presentation that I’m supposed to be preparing for Tuesday, and though I have some stuffs thought out, I can’t piece them together and put them into words. Huhuhu. Plus I can’t imagine myself speaking confidently in front of a group of people. Urgh. Crap, this is turning out to be a rant post.

Anyway, I realized in the early months of this year, that there were some instances where I had radio silence for a long period of time, and many of you got worried that I had disappeared. So, I decided to at least pop in and update you guys every so often, even if I haven’t got much translations done.

So yeah~! Once I’m done with this speech on Tuesday, I might have some time to push out a chapter. Actually, no. I will push out a chapter this week. So stay tuned~!

[Announcement] September Update

Short update. I’m dead. Orz. Couldn’t make time to translate this week. Sorry about that. But what I did have time to do was upload the PDF, EPUB and MDOCX of Arc 8 to the respective dropbox folders, so if you want to download them, you can head over there through the the project page here.

Also, I re-uploaded Arc 4’s stuffs, since I realized I still left some naming errors in them.

Alright… Back to stuffing myself under a sea of papers…

Ah, though I will try to find time to translate this week, I would probably be able to churn out about 3 chapters 3 weeks later when I have a break week.


[Disciple Releases] Chapter 249

Chapter 249 can be found here!

I’m back! First things first, let’s make some announcements.

I would like to first thank Solistia for allowing me to host my site on her server, and the price is just my purity! It’s really… a very… good… deal… Sniff.

As you can see, I have used this downtime to make some changes to the site, including the theme and such. Generally, the site has a similar layout compared to the previous one, so I don’t think you guys will find it hard to adapt. I’m still experimenting with some stuffs, and am planning to add stuffs like toggle-able day and night modes, but I will leave them at another time. If you discover any errors around the site, broken links, or anything that you would like to see on the site, please let me know, and I will see what I can do!

Next up is something important. I can’t port my subscriber list over from my previous hosted site. Apparently, they are capable of to ports, but it’s impossible when it comes to to ports. That’s why, it might be a hassle, but you would have to re-subscribe again if you mainly use WordPress or e-mails to get your updates on Disciple. Sorry for the trouble!

I will still be uploading the chapters onto Moon Bunny Cafe as back-up, probably a staggered release of an hour. So if you find it more accessible reading over there, please continue to do so!

I will try to upload about 2 chapters each for the rest of the week, and then I will be planning something with the releases for next week. But I will talk about the details of next week at a later time.

For now, please enjoy the chapter, and also comment below on how you feel about the site’s new look!

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