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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 301

Chapter 301 can be found here.

Mmm… Yeah, the trap novel was pretty mediocre…? It would have been better if the author built on the personalities of the main characters a bit more, but I guess not much can be done when you have to complete the story in a single book. Not sure if I would translate it or not… Mmnn… I will decide again after I’m done with disciple!~

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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 297 – 300

Chapter 297 can be found here!

So yeah, we finally hit chapter 300, yay! About 110+ more chapters to go! Woo~! Just to let you all know, pace will slow down once more, and will only pick up in the middle of March, and then late May. Hopefully I can get to 360+ by May, but we will see. Ohoho.

Anyway, for those who are starting school, good luck! And for those who are already stuck with work, have a good day! Or evening! Or whenever you’re reading this! Ohohoho. I really want to write more, but I’m actually writing this at 2am and I’m dying. Hurhur.

Maybe you can watch this video below to lift your mood if you’re down or something, it’s like the only video that’s keeping me alive right now. Ah crap, staying up too late is making me go random and haywire. Whatever, just watch it!

And also, more dogs! Dogs are cute!

But yeah, enjoy the chapters, and I will see you all soon~!

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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 295 – 296

Chapter 295 can be found here!

So I was browsing Pixiv for pictures as usual, and putting aside how FGO is dominating the top charts as usual, there’s been an increase in pictures of doggos too, most likely due to it being the year of the dog this year! Hooray for dogs! Hooray for doggos! More doggos please! 😀

And ahem, I didn’t pick out the light novel I mentioned in the previous post just because there’s a trap and BL. It’s just that the synopsis looks interesting, and it has nice cover art. Those are the reasons, alright! Not because it’s BL! Not because there’s a trap! Those aren’t the main reasons! Ok!?

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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 294

Chapter 294 can be found here.

Hey everyone! Back from Taiwan! It was a pretty fun trip. Had lots of good food, and I visited Animate for the first time and bought 2 novels. If they turn out to be interesting, I might consider translating one of them once I’m done with Disciple.

One of them especially… might be BL. Yeah… I don’t know what got into me when I got it. I mean, the advertisement strip encasing the book clearly wrote: “But he’s a man… a man… a man… A MAAAAAAAN!” Evidently, there’s a trap as one of the characters. Might be BL, I don’t know, haven’t really read it. Ohohoho… orz.

Anyway, I will be finishing up to 300 by the end of next week, while preparing for my internship. Then I will have to see how I can fit my internship schedule with my translation schedule. Don’t get hopes too high though, but just know that I will be finishing Disciple at the end of this year as stated in my resolutions! :>

So yeah, once again, happy new year everyone!

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