About Me

Hello! I go by the name of Scrya, and I live in Singapore. Due to the bilingualism curriculum in Singapore, I have learnt both Chinese and English since young, though I must emphasize that I haven’t actually mastered them. I don’t think I will master either of them ever in my lifetime. Hoho.

I’m an avid manga reader and anime watcher since I was young as well, and in the recent few years, I started reading light novels. And then, sometime ago, I was like, hey, why don’t I try to translate some stuffs as well? Now, here I am, translating Chinese web-novels!

Additionally, I’m working on Against the Gods with Alys&co, and am in partnership with Moon Bunny Cafe, where I’m dual-hosting the My Disciple Died Yet Again series.

If there’s anything you need from me, you can always email me at: scrya.translations@gmail.com