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Chapter 163: Version 6.0 That Comes with its Own Scenario

Xu Nuoyan, the senior-martial brother, ascended. At the time of his ascension, he affectionately told Mo Xianxian that he hoped to see her ascend as soon as possible, so that the two of them could reunite in the heavens.

Mo Xianxian who had been stagnating at the Nascent Soul Paragon cultivation, under his motivation, and adding the insights she gained from the heavenly light of ascension, began to improve greatly in her cultivation, successfully making a breakthrough into a Demigod. In just a thousand or so years, she ascended, and went to look for her husband to reunite with him.

Like every little deity who had just ascended, she became one of the most unremarkable people. She wholeheartedly wanted to look for her own husband, however, without any connections and background, it was hard for her to traverse Divine Realm. The more important point was, after inquiring about him for a period of time, she was strangely being hunted after all of a sudden.

Zhu Yao was aware of the matters after this. In order to protect herself, she joined Advent Cloud Palace. However, even if that was the case, not only did those schemes and sabotages not end, they had instead increased. She wanted to investigate the truth as well, but with her merely being an Earth Deity, how could she possibly find out anything?

Mo Xianxian wasn’t stupid, rather, she was extremely clever, as she understood that someone was targeting her. Hence, while she avoided these dangers, she desperately cultivated. Her days could be said to have passed by with soul-shaking fear. In the end, her hard work paid off. She broke through into a Profound Deity, was fancied by an Ink Deity practitioner within the sect, and was then taken under his wing, becoming an elite disciple in Advent Cloud Palace.

She had also been inquiring about the identity of the mastermind, until the day when the Clan Master of Fluorescent Wind Clan was hosting his daughter’s practitioner-pair ceremony, and she followed her master over to give their blessings. She realized that the son-in-law of the Clan Master, was actually her husband whom she had been looking for all over.

No matter how many schemes and sabotages she suffered since she came to the Higher Realm, she had never felt as depressed as watching her lover’s unfaithfulness at that moment. Hence, she unsheathed her sword under impulse and charged right at Xu Nuoyan who was dressed in new wedding attire, criticizing him for his unfaithfulness. At the same time, she took out the token of love the two of them shared back then, loudly questioning him.

Never did she expect that with this action of hers, not only was she unable to receive Xu Nuoyan’s response, she had completely angered Yin Shi, Clan Master of Fluorescent Wind Clan. She who wished to protect his daughter’s heart, made a move against her at that moment. Although she did not take Mo Xianxian’s life, she destroyed the foundation of her cultivation. Not only was her cultivation pushed back to the early stages of the Earth Deity level, it became harder for her to improve since then.

This wasn’t the most miserable part. Her Ink Deity master, whom she had thought that was her pillar of support, in order to maintain peace with Fluorescent Wind Clan, actually expelled her directly from Advent Cloud Palace. In an instant, she turned into a street rat that was yelled on and beaten by everyone, as she had offended two great factions in Divine Realm. She did not have a single place to live in Divine Realm at all, and furthermore, there were several wandering deities, in order to curry favours with Fluorescent Wind Clan, chasing and hunting her.

Mo Xianxian, from the highest-grade genius chased after by many in the Lower Realm she once was, turned into someone who constantly lived in hiding. This kind of gap seemed to have driven her crazy, especially when it was all caused by the betrayal of her most beloved. Hatred filled her entire being.

However, her life was never meant to be taken. Once, when she was hunted down by disciples of Fluorescent Wind Clan, she encountered a female deity. That female deity had initially wanted to take her life as well. Mo Xianxian desperately fled to a forbidden ground at the boundaries of Divine Realm. At that place, divine arts could not be used, and she had instead, used brute force to kill that female deity, while her own chest had suffered heavy injuries as well, with no end to her bleeding. Her essence blood then accidentally dripped onto a piece of divine jade on the female deity’s body.

The next moment, she entered a foreign world. The divine energy there was rich, precious divine herbs and spiritual plants could be seen everywhere, and there, she found a spiritual spring as well. Not only could the water inside heal her wounds, it even restored the foundation which was damaged by the Clan Master of Fluorescent Wind Clan back then.

Mo Xianxian obtained a cheat like this, so naturally, her cultivation greatly improved. In just a few months, she recovered the Profound Deity cultivation she had before. However, she could only enter that dimensional space for six hours every day, otherwise, her cultivation would have risen even quicker.

She had initially wanted to find a place to hide, and only take her revenge after raising her cultivation. Yet, her whereabouts were still tracked down, and after a difficult battle, she was saved by an unfamiliar man. After reaching a safe location, did she finally realize that the person who saved her, was actually her former husband, Xu Nuoyan.

This caused Mo Xianxian to feel furious and grief, as she pulled out her sword and was about to make a move against him. However, Xu Nuoyan neither dodged nor avoided, and took her attack head-on. With a resounding and sincere voice, he begged for her forgiveness, and told her the truth behind all of her misfortune.

Xu Nuoyan said that he basically did not love Yin Xin, the daughter of the Clan Master at all, and the person he loved was only Mo Xianxian herself. The reason why he was marrying her, was because he was forced to, and was helpless to prevent it. Back then, when he ascended to the Higher Realm, he joined Fluorescent Wind Clan. Due to his aptitude being higher than others, he was taken in as a chamber disciple by the former Clan Master, and was then nurtured in hundreds of aspects. However, he never expected that the reason why the former Clan Master treated him as such, was in order to find someone to depend on for his own daughter who possessed poor aptitudes. The former Clan Master’s cultivation was already at the High Deity level, and would have to enter Lightning Divine Tower soon, however, his wife and daughter would still be staying in Fluorescent Wind Clan. The moment he were to enter the tower, it would definitely bring about several troubles for his wife and daughter, hence, he chose Xu Nuoyan.

Xu Nuoyan said that once he found out about everything, he had long declared to the former Clan Master that he already had a practitioner-pair companion. However, the Clan Master believed that it had been a long time since he ascended, and with Mo Xianxian’s mere cultivation of Nascent Soul at that time, her longevity should have already ended. So, marrying his daughter was not considered as treachery towards Mo Xianxian. In the beginning, Xu Nuoyan was determined on not obeying him, and had bitterly waited for Mo Xianxian for a thousand years.

After the former Clan Master entered Lightning Divine Tower, the Clan Master’s wife took up the position. She told him that she had already sent people to investigate the Lower Realm, the news she received was that Mo Xianxian had already fallen, and had failed to ascend into a deity. She once again brought up the matter of having Xu Nuoyan marry her own daughter. Helplessly, he agreed. However, he never expected that it was all a lie.

In actual fact, Mo Xianxian had already ascended. In order to conceal this truth from him, the mighty Clan Master of Fluorescent Wind Clan, his master’s wife, actually dispatched people to kill his former wife in the dark. The many misfortunes which Mo Xianxian had encountered after she came to the Higher Realm, were all her doings.

Only when Mo Xianxian appeared in front of him on that day, did he find out about everything. When he watched Mo Xianxian being injured, he felt absolutely furious in his heart as well, and he wished that he could fight back in her place. However, he knew that with his current cultivation, he was basically not the Clan Master’s match, hence, he had no choice but to grit his teeth and endure it. As he made compromises to numb them from their anger, he secretly tracked Mo Xianxian’s whereabouts. He vowed that he would get revenge after gaining sufficient strength.

After hearing his part of the story, Mo Xianxian calmed down as well. After carefully recalling the scene in Fluorescent Wind Clan back then, Xu Nuoyan seemed to have indeed been extremely shocked, and he wasn’t offensive nor did he retaliate when she criticized him. In the depths of her heart, she had already begun to believe him to a large extent.

Hence, with the two’s misunderstandings dispelled, Mo Xianxian now hated the mother and daughter of Fluorescent Wind Clan to the core. Especially towards the woman called Yin Xin, Xu Nuoyan’s current wife.

The following plots, basically belonged to the cannon fodder’s comeback category, or the ‘rise of the true wife’ scenarios. Borrowing the dimensional space cheat, Mo Xianxian’s cultivation rose at an explosive rate. She still harboured suspicions towards Xu Nuoyan, however, he had saved her without concern of his own life several times, and she thus slowly dispelled this knot in her heart. Together with Xu Nuoyan, they began to plan out their revenge against Yin Shi, the Clan Master of Fluorescent Wind Clan, and her daughter Yin Xin.

She had also borrowed a few of the divine herbs within the dimensional space to win over the hearts of several people. In the end, in one of the demonic immortal’s infiltration incidents, they used the opportunity to slaughter their way through Fluorescent Wind Clan, slice apart the mother and daughter, and successfully took control of Fluorescent Wind Clan. Xu Nuoyan took up the position of Clan Master of Fluorescent Wind Clan, and openly married Mo Xianxian once again.

Thus, the two lovers lived happily ever after.

Zhu Yao patiently watched the entire show, and she frowned. On the surface, it looked like a happy reunion ending, and there wasn’t anything bad about it. The two lovers experienced countless hardships and managed to walk together again. The only thing she regretted was, the third-party who was hated to the bone by Mo Xianxian and tried to steal her husband, from the beginning to end, did not come up in the camera in the slightest.

That’s right. That heavyweight supporting female lead, that woman who had almost caused Mo Xianxian a lifetime of tragedy, in Mo Xianxian’s long lifetime of memories, actually did not appear on stage even once. Even her mother, Yin Shi, the Clan Master of Fluorescent Wind Clan, made two small appearances, while she, the true third-party, was not even shown at all.

In other words, Mo Xianxian had never seen how her love rival looked like. The most information she had about her, was that Yin Xin’s aptitude in cultivation was the poorest with no precedents before her. And her physique was so weak, she had to rely on Fluorescent Wind Clan’s divine pulse to live. She had to always stay in High Spiritual Peak located in Fluorescent Wind Clan, and had never stepped out even once. Even when Mo Xianxian slaughtered her way into the clan, she had never gone in to take a look even once, and simply destroyed her along with High Spiritual Peak altogether.

She did not even have the opportunity to appear on stage, just how much hatred did Mo Xianxian harbour for her?

Zhu Yao silently lit a candle for the supporting female lead with the most lack of presence in history.

In her mind, this created many questions about what seemed to be a perfect true wife’s comeback drama.

What’s more important was, in this huge one-sided war, she did not see where the bug was at all? Just what in the world was she supposed to do?

Just as she was thinking how strange it was, suddenly, the scene in front of her changed. Earlier, Fluorescent Wind Clan which still carried a grandeur view, was suddenly surrounded by intense flames. Corpses filled the entire place, blood flowed like rivers, and the entire Fluorescent Wind Clan was deadly silent.

No, not just Fluorescent Wind Clan. Her field of vision slowly expanded, and she managed to look at the entire map of Divine Realm. Everywhere was razed in intense flames, with no end in sight. For a moment, Zhu Yao was a little unable to react. Just what kind of godly twist of events was this? Just what the hell happened in the middle, hey? Why did Divine Realm become like this when she didn’t even see anything?

Suddenly, she heard a loud and long caw. When she raised her head to look, she saw four to five gigantic birds, with bodies clad in intense flames, flapping their wings in the sky. They seemed to be extremely furious, as the flames on their bodies became even more intense. With every flap of their wings, a large sea of flames would burn on the ground.

Zhu Yao blanked. These were… phoenixes!

In the next moment, her vision darkened, and she was once again submerged in darkness.

When she opened her eyes again, Zhu Yao felt that her entire body was stiff. Her first reaction was: Crap, Realmspirit must have given me some death-seeking avatar again.

She laid on her initial position for a long while as she inspected her surroundings. She realized that the place was a rather antique looking bedchamber. Looking at the colours and flower decorations, this seemed to be a woman’s bedchamber too, and she was presently lying on a bed. She waited for a few moments, and when she was able to sense her own four limbs, she heaved a long sigh of relief. Great, great. At the very least, she was human this time.

She applied some force, and just as she was thinking of moving her numb fingers.

The door was suddenly opened with a creaking sound. The person who walked in was a little lady wearing a pink robe, and she was even carrying a basin of water in her hands.

“Hi.” Zhu Yao took the initiative to greet her. Probably because it had been a long time since she spoke, her voice sounded hoarse, and even she herself was shocked by it. “I say…”

Crash! The basin of water in the little lady’s hands fell on the ground, the water within splashed and flowed out. Her lips twitched, as she looked at her with an expression filled with shock, and her voice began to tremble. “Mi… Miss…”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she suddenly imagined herself to be a soul which had transported into a light novel based in the Ancient Era. The moment she opened her eyes, a servant was actually about to anxiously shout out that their miss had woken up.

As expected, that little lady dutifully charged out, and loudly shouted. “Miss is now alive!”

What did she mean by ‘miss is now alive?’ At the very least, follow the script, hey.

In the moment, she simply felt a blast of wind brushing past. In the room, another woman appeared. She looked like an actual deity, with her hair combed into a married woman’s bun. She seemed to look a little familiar.

With widened eyes, the woman looked straight at her, unblinkingly.

Zhu Yao’s hair all around her body was about to stand on end from her stares, hence, she had no choice but to awkwardly smile. “May I ask who you are?”

The moment she spoke, that woman actually began to break into bead-like tears, with no end in sight.

Zhu Yao was startled, as she then consoled her with her hoarse throat. “Umm… Don’t cry?”

Not only did that woman’s tears not stop, it instead began to flow out even more fiercely. Pouncing towards Zhu Yao, she clasped her tightly, and stuffed her into her own embrace.

Zhu Yao was instantly pressed against her two meat buns, and was barely able to breathe. Lady, if you think you’re having a hard time, there’s no need to suffocate me to death, right? Have to… breathe…

She suddenly made a ‘guaa’ sound, crying out. “Yin Xin. My Yin Xin. You’re finally awake.”


What did she call me? Say it again!

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