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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 335

Chapter 335 can be read here!

Mmm, it seems not many of you like the idea of infinity scroll. I will take that into consideration~ I will also keep in mind of all of your suggestions so far, so yep, thanks for them! 😀

I’m currently looking at UX Design courses during transit between work and home, and it really helps in giving me insights on how I can get my sla-, I mean, you readers to stay or even come back often. Huhu. Huhuhu.

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Nobukatsu! Cute! Which reminds me, I haven’t gotten back into FGO for awhile. Hmm~

[Disciple Releases] Chapter 334

Chapter 334 can be found here!

Hmm… What kind of features make a site for reading novels… a site for reading novels?

One of the things that I have been thinking of implementing in my eventual site, is the infinite scroll feature where you simply have to keep scrolling down to go to the next chapter, like what most news websites are doing, or what Qidian is doing.

To me, it just makes so much sense, you know? You’re always reading top-down, so rather than breaking the flow where you have to click on left and right to go the next/prev chapters, just scrolling down would make it more convenient.

Of course, users are now used to the standard left/right chapter buttons format, and then comments at the bottom, which is a factor that shouldn’t be ignored too.

What do you guys think, and what other features do you think would make a site more comfortable for readers?

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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 328 – 332

Chapter 328 can be found here!

I’m back! Probably not going to do well for my finals this time around, ohoho, but I got an extension for my internship, that’s not so bad, right!? In any case, just going to run down on some of the things I have been doing, and things I’m planning.

With school out of the way for now due to the summer break (other than the remaining school commitments that will last till mid-June), all that’s left now for me is my internship, which I’m doing full-time. So, I’m planning to release a chapter a day (or two when I’m not procrastinating), and hopefully I will complete Disciple before school starts again! Yay! THE END IS NEAR. In actual fact, I have another 5 chapters prepared, but they’re acting as a buffer now to account for rainy days. Ohohoho.

Yeah, ok. I actually wrote a fair bit down here about what I learnt about myself from the internship, but I realized I would probably be involving you guys too much in my life, so I removed it. Ohohoho. Long story short, I’m planning to build up a software development career, after learning data analytics might not be the path for me. If you guys have followed me for quite sometime, you know how I have been changing my blog’s themes and layouts almost every year. I’m never satisfied, after all. Even this current one doesn’t really have everything I envisioned. I don’t think it’s that user-friendly enough, at the very least, it’s not targeted at web-novel readers.

So, I am planning to build up a theme from scratch, so that everything in the site will be about and for you! But this will take a while, at the very least, I won’t start coding it till after I’m done with my internship? Plus, I hardly have experience in this field, so it will take a while to learn all the things I need. In any case, everything I try will go into my portfolio, so I will definitely get this done. Eventually. Hoho.

But yeah, that’s all for now~ Enjoy the chapters!

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Apparently, this illustration is based on the new song released by Yorushika. You might want to check it out too: here


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