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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 377 – 379

Chapter 377 can be found here!

This semester is jam-packed with loads of stuffs. I think I kind of gone overboard with my module selections, especially after going through my internship. Hohoho. Hopefully I won’t die. Before that though, got to finish Disciple! Goal is to finish everything by the end of the week!

Countdown! 14 chapters left! With the last chapter being twice the usual length!


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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 367 – 373

Chapter 367 can be found here!

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update again. I was busy getting used to my new schedule that incorporates some time for me to exercise, and after starting to eat less rice and carbs as some of you suggested, I ended up getting tired a lot more often. So I wasn’t in the mood to translate for a bit. Well, got back to translating now, and I actually translated up to 383, but it’s just that I became lazy in uploading the chapters 1 by 1. Ahahahahaha. (Life of a lazy translator right here)

Anyway, for now I will have up to 373 uploaded so that you guys don’t get bombarded with so many chapters all of a sudden. (Plus I need to sleep now, I got lesson at 8am orz)

Good news though! I managed to lose about 4kg in the last month! So I really appreciate all of the suggestions and help I received! 😀


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