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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 251

Chapter 251 can be found, here!

Mmm, I am a little tired today, so I will keep this short. I’m still looking for recommendations for my site banner! Here are the criterias:

  1. Should feel Chinese-y (Or Japanese, as long as there’s bright red, and or even some lovely cherry blossoms)
  2. Bright colours (Emo colours are a no-go)
  3. (Optional) Cute girls!

Picture source: here

[Disciple Releases] Chapter 250

Chapter 250 can be found here!

Mmm… I see that some of you don’t really like the new theme, but I kinda like it, so I will be sticking with this for awhile, unless there’s a huge opposition of course.

Also, it seems that there are still some of you who received the post notification through WordPress, which is a great! Though, I didn’t receive a notification on my end. (Yes, I subscribed to myself, is there a problem with that!?) So, to be safe, it might be good to re-subscribe if it’s not too much of a hassle for you!

Lastly, I’m still looking for a new banner image. The current one looks good, but it doesn’t have the feel I’m going for, I think? I could use my previous banner, but I would like to switch to something new, you know? So, if any of you got any good suggestions for a banner, please post the image or URL to the image down below! Also, if possible, post the source/artist of the image you find!

There’s two criteria I’m looking for!

  1. Something Chinese-y (I’m translating CN novels, after all!)
  2. Bright and vibrant colours (Dark colours don’t fit the theme of the novels I do!)

(Take note: There have been people posting links to aggregate sites, so I have turned on moderation on comments with 2 or more links each. That’s why, don’t be alarmed if you don’t see your comment up on the site straight away, I will approve them as soon as possible.)

Picture source: here

[Disciple Releases] Chapter 249

Chapter 249 can be found here!

I’m back! First things first, let’s make some announcements.

I would like to first thank Solistia for allowing me to host my site on her server, and the price is just my purity! It’s really… a very… good… deal… Sniff.

As you can see, I have used this downtime to make some changes to the site, including the theme and such. Generally, the site has a similar layout compared to the previous one, so I don’t think you guys will find it hard to adapt. I’m still experimenting with some stuffs, and am planning to add stuffs like toggle-able day and night modes, but I will leave them at another time. If you discover any errors around the site, broken links, or anything that you would like to see on the site, please let me know, and I will see what I can do!

Next up is something important. I can’t port my subscriber list over from my previous hosted site. Apparently, they are capable of WordPress.com to WordPress.org ports, but it’s impossible when it comes to WordPress.org to WordPress.org ports. That’s why, it might be a hassle, but you would have to re-subscribe again if you mainly use WordPress or e-mails to get your updates on Disciple. Sorry for the trouble!

I will still be uploading the chapters onto Moon Bunny Cafe as back-up, probably a staggered release of an hour. So if you find it more accessible reading over there, please continue to do so!

I will try to upload about 2 chapters each for the rest of the week, and then I will be planning something with the releases for next week. But I will talk about the details of next week at a later time.

For now, please enjoy the chapter, and also comment below on how you feel about the site’s new look!

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[Announcement] Update on Site Situation

Ello, just to give you guys an update, the site seems to be running generally alright today, but I still can’t say for sure it won’t happen again, so I’m considering my options of either changing to another web hosting site or move my base of operations to Moon Bunny Cafe.

Currently, I have someone nice enough to take me into her web server, but she seems to be a little busy, so it will take some time.

Until then, I won’t be uploading any chapters. Don’t worry though! I’m still translating! So once all the site stuffs are dealt with, I will upload all of them at one go!

Yeah, if you have any questions, please put them down in the comments below, I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

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