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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 294

Chapter 294 can be found here.

Hey everyone! Back from Taiwan! It was a pretty fun trip. Had lots of good food, and I visited Animate for the first time and bought 2 novels. If they turn out to be interesting, I might consider translating one of them once I’m done with Disciple.

One of them especially… might be BL. Yeah… I don’t know what got into me when I got it. I mean, the advertisement strip encasing the book clearly wrote: “But he’s a man… a man… a man… A MAAAAAAAN!” Evidently, there’s a trap as one of the characters. Might be BL, I don’t know, haven’t really read it. Ohohoho… orz.

Anyway, I will be finishing up to 300 by the end of next week, while preparing for my internship. Then I will have to see how I can fit my internship schedule with my translation schedule. Don’t get hopes too high though, but just know that I will be finishing Disciple at the end of this year as stated in my resolutions! :>

So yeah, once again, happy new year everyone!

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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 293

Chapter 293 can be found here!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a nice Christmas! This will most likely be the last chapter of the year, since I will be flying off to Taiwan in a few hours, and will only get back early next year. I wanted to push all the way to 300, but I got caught up with preparations and stuff. So yeah, that will have to wait till next year, sorry! :<

So, since this is most likely the last post for the year, I would like to thank all of you for the patience and understanding throughout the year! I really, really, appreciate it!

Now, I shall declare my New Year’s resolution!

I will finish Disciple next year! Definitely! Aye! Yeah! (Assuming I’m able to handle the stress from internship!)

Ohohoho! I’m so fired up!

So yeah, that’s about it for this post. I will see you guys next year! 😀

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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 274 – 292

Merry Christmas everybody! Chapter 274 can be found here!

Yohoho! Surprised to see so many chapters? I’m surprised myself too! Yohoho! But yeah, I actually wanted to post up to Chapter 290 today. But 290 ended in a depressing cliffhanger, so I decided to just push forward and stop at a chapter with a happy ending. We can’t be sad on Christmas, after all! Yohohoho!

So yeah, enjoy the chapters, and also enjoy the holidays! 🙂

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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 271 – 273

Heya! Chapter 271 can be found here!

Miss me? Huhuhu. Sorry for going MIA again even though I said I would update you guys frequently about what’s happening with me. Hurhur. Yeah, exams are over. But new trouble awaits! I will be going back into the army for a week for my yearly re-service. Actually, I have to report in about 6 hours, and have yet to get my good night sleep yet. Hohoho. But yes, I won’t be able to release chapters in the meantime because of this, so I will leave you guys with 3 chapters for now!

After that, once I get back, while working on chapters, I will also have to spend some time preparing for my internship this coming January. yes, I secured a internship, hurrah! As to my schedule during my internship, I will have to see how it goes. And then, at the end of December, I will be flying off for a week for vacation, so no chapters then as well.

No fret though, my target currently is to hit 300 chapters by the end of this year. Can I do it, I wonder? I should be able to! Hohoho! As long as I don’t procrastinate… Ahahahaha!

But yes, I got to run… to bed. Otherwise I’m going to look dead tomorrow when I’m reporting in. See you guys in a week!

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