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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 346 – 349

Chapter 346 can be found here!

Sorry for disappearing again! Had to wrap up my school commitments last week, so I didn’t have time to translate. Then I have been trying to catch up the last few days, but I ended up only translating only a chapter a day. Orz.

In any case, I set up a twitter account to relay any messages about delays or about probably random things when I’m bored. Sometimes it’s not like I don’t want to update you guys about stuffs on my end, it’s just I find it a little awkward to put up a blog post about every single thing. I’m weird, I know. AHAHAH.

But yeah, here’s the link: Tweet!

If you’re on viewing from a desktop or tablet, it will show up on the sidebar on the right as well. If you’re on mobile, it will be at the very bottom~

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[Disciple Releases] Chapter 345

Chapter 345 can be found here!

Even though I only set up the coffee button just yesterday, I have already received quite a bit from some of you, and I am really thankful for it! I’m going to set up a nicer button and a page for it once I’m free, and I’m also planning to put down all the donors’ names in my long-not-used Hall of Fame page. If you want to be anonymized, please let me know!

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[Update] Chapter Delayed

Mn… The next chapter for Disciple will be delayed. Probably a few hours, or maybe I will just release tomorrow. Got some school commitments to take care of.

Yep, just to let you all know~

Ah, also, if you want to buy me coffee or anything, I set up a paypal button at the side bar. The release rate however will not be affected by the donations, just that it will give me some spending money to buy my daily morning coffee (Iced Coffee with less sweetening!) to survive the mornings at work. Hohoho.

There’s no pressure in donating, but if you are planning on doing so, you have my sincerest thanks! 😀

[Disciple Releases] Chapter 344

Chapter 344 can be read here!

Mmn… It’s really bustling in Singapore now, with the Trump-Kim summit going on. I kinda have this urge to head down to the summit site, and pop up in front of one of the news cameras. That way, when my children or grandchildren ask where I was during this historical moment, I can puff up my chest and say with pride that I was there, you know? And then I will show them the news clip, and they will all sigh with awe! Hohoho!


Too bad I got work though.

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This is an illustration for Mes’s song cover on marasy’s “Dream, sometimes…”
You can listen to it here.

Mmmn, personally, I think she has some other better songs. I like her parts in the song collabs the most. \o/

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