[Announcement] Hello World!

Hello everyone, I’m Scrya, and welcome to my new site!

It took me a few days to have this entire thing set-up. Though there are still some details which I wish to add, I think it’s pretty good for now! So let me jump to the improvements I made compared to my old site!

First off, I have re-introduced the Previous Page | Next Page buttons! They can be found at the very top or very bottom of each chapter, so that you guys can swiftly move from one chapter to the next.

Next, chapters will now be released in Pages instead of Posts. There have been many instances where I post multiple chapters in a single day, and I think it’s kind of irritating to see several notifications in a single go on your news feed or e-mail for releases. And, whenever I want to make a short comment without making an actual announcement post, I had to put it on all the chapters I release on that day, which I think is kind of strange.  I noticed this issue a long time ago, but I didn’t have the excuse to change this procedure then. I have it now though! Muahahaha! So yeah, future chapters will be posted in Pages, while notifications of the chapter releases will be in Posts!

Lastly, there’s the “Back to Top” button, which can be found at the right corner of your computer or phone screen! Why did I emphasize this? Because not just the PDF and EPub downloads, I will be releasing the full text versions of each completed volume of my projects on the site itself! So for readers who are simply too lazy to tap on Previous and Next chapter buttons, you can now enjoy being even more lazy by simply scrolling down for each chapter! Yay! Currently, the Full Text versions of So What if it’s an RPG World!? for Volume 1 to 8 is already on the site, while I’m still working on Disciple’s.

Speaking of PDFs and EPubs, i have recently finished with the compilation of Arc 4 of My Disciple Died Yet Again. If you wish to download it, you can find it in the series’ project page, or down below.

[Disciple] Arc 4: [PDF Download] [EPUB Download]

Now then, if you have read this announcement post all the way till now, to celebrate the launch of my new site, please enjoy the early release of the new chapter of Disciple, along with 2 chapters of There’s a Pit in my Senior Martial Brother’s Brain!

[Disciple] Chapter 147: Click here

[Pit] Chapter 4: Click here
[Pit] Chapter 5: Click here

And that’s about it! If you have any suggestions that can help improve this site as well, please feel free to leave them in the comments down below!

39 thoughts to “[Announcement] Hello World!”

  1. Oh switching to Disqus! So no transferring over the comments ? :p Those were some good times.. old comment section… QwQ I may create some bot of sorts to take pictures of all of them :p Have collection of Scrya comments.

    1. Yes, I won’t be transferring over the comments, since now all the chapters are in pages and not posts, I can’t directly import the comments. D:

      1. So I guess my post on the old site won’t work? Oh well qwq… time to make pictures and post them in the comment section of ever chapter…

  2. Banner looks kinda ugly btw~
    Change it to your favorite pink-chan or something banner… the one you had on wordpress before…

        1. I was looking for one with a Chinese Wuxia/Xianxia feel, and I thought this one fit the bill. Oh well, I will go with the pic of a girl I found before this.

  3. thank (the creators of wordpress) for the wordpress automatic site switching thing

    edit: can’t seem to figure out if the girl is holding a calligraphy pen, or a opium pipe

      1. just realzed that wordpress doesn’t update me on chapters anymore

        *goes towards a corner*
        *sits down*
        *starts crying*

        also, srsly? wow ._. really thought t was a opium pipe 😛

  4. Any way of not having the back to top button. It’s actually annoying how it keeps hiding that little part of the screen and the end of words. Make it transparent at least please 🙁

    1. I made the button translucent, and also set it to auto-hide itself after 1 second. Is it fine now? 😀

    2. I made the button translucent, and also set it to auto-hide itself after 1 second. Is it alright now? 😀

  5. WooHooo !!! Great Job with the new site. I know you said not to be alarmed but when i saw the new chapter release and came here, i wondered if i came to the wrong site… 😛 Nice job with the layout and everything but I kinda miss the small box on the right/at last of the page which displayed the latest posts/pages…I’d always check it out to see if i missed anything :'(

  6. I’ll make the same suggestion I do to anyone. If you have the ability to add a high contrast mode to your site, or just allowing users the option for a gray background with white text, that’d be great for those of us that prefer it.

  7. I am glad you changed over to Disqus… makes it easier to track comment replies (as compared to stand alone comment thingies like in RTD, Gravity Tales, Wuxia etc).

  8. Congrats on the new website. I have to say, I like that picture of the girl and the cock.

    …That came out wrong.

    1. Oh, the author, it’s awesome to see one in a translation site. But @disqus_jlQdXPduEw:disqus took a break from it, I think.

  9. Yay! I made it here! Whew, that was a long trek. It took me 3 months and a lot of sweat and blood. Finally, I made it to the new camp site. Hello, world! Hi, Scrya!

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