Status Update!

Ello everyone! Just to give everyone a quick update. My finals will be ending at the end of November, and I will be back translating right after.

I would like to thank everyone for all the supportive and encouraging comments, and I also hope all the best for anyone who’s having their finals soon as well! Gambatte! We can do eet!~

Oh and uhh, if you guys are bored waiting for updates, you can try reading Cultivation Chat Group, if you haven’t yet. I have kept up with the raws, and I have to say, it’s absolutely amazing for a xianxia novel. It’s well-paced, hilarious, and the author pays great attention to the large cast of side characters, which is hardly done so in mainstream xianxia novels. It’s one of the very few novels I’m following right now even with the limited I have. So yeah, give it a shot if you haven’t!

And yeah, that’s about it for now. See you guys at the end of the month!


15 thoughts to “Status Update!”

  1. Thanks Scrya… this suggestion reminds me a lot of the series “Hero Union BBS”. I loved that series. Sadly it ended :c

  2. Waaa ! I’m dreaming !!! Scrya-sama’s gonna come back ! ….but no fair ! My exams start at December first ….. sucks to be me.

  3. Revive so what its a rpg world i know nows not a good time but could u tell us when or if your gonna ever get back to it 😛

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