[Disciple Releases] Chapter 181

Ello, here’s Chapter 181!

Was pretty busy in the last couple of days, (enjoying the time left before my results are posted *coughs*), and since the chapter was twice as long compared to others, I kind of took my time with it. Hoho.

And I finally became conscious of how fat I have become since university started. Hmm… It looks like I need to go on a diet, and start excising frequently… Otherwise, I’m going to fail my upcoming IPPT. OTL

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2 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 181”

  1. Uwaaa, i love this breaksfast! It’s mostly carbs but, sooo worth it!

    Anyway, just don’t forget to get a 30 minutes a day exercise and it’d be fine. It’s also the holiday season so people tend to gain more weight at this time of the year but it’ll all go away sooner or later 😉

    Eating foods you love is one of life’s greatest joy! ?

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