[Disciple Releases] Chapter 190

Chapter 190 is out!

Sorry for the delay! Had been busy marathon-ing Steins;Gate 0 to completion, and I must say, there’s too little Kurisu scenes! :<

Also, I have recently gotten back my FGO account. When I logged on, I saw that half of my friend’s list was emptied. Well, seeing that I haven’t been active for more than half a year, it makes sense. So if you’re playing and have a slot to spare for this little noob here, please add me! Code: 720,758,293

School’s about to start, but unlike last semester, I will probably try to bring out a few chapters per week this time. The previous semester has given me a sense of what’s to come, so I’m more mentally prepared now! Hohoho! Come at me, data structures!

Also, I’m thinking of finishing Disciple by the end of this year, or at the very least, reaching the late 300 chapters for the series! This will be the first goal I’m setting for this year! Hoho.

So yeah, that’s about it for this update. Cheers to a new year everyone! 😀

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*note: They are all guys. *coughs* traps. *coughs*

7 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 190”

  1. Happy new year and thank you for the hard work! Wish you happiness all around the year! Stay healthy and lucky ?

  2. Thank you for the update… May I ask how many chapters are in the raw of disciple? Is it already completed or.. still ongoing? The thanks =]

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