10 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 201”

  1. Question: I see there’s only one cover picture for this novel, is there more illustrations for this story?

      1. the cover picture in novel updates now, I assume the pink dragon is Zhu Yao and the two chibi hanging on the dragon is Zhu Yaos first disciple and her master

        1. But I thought her dragon form was golden? And for some reason the novel gave me the impression that Yu Yan always wear white so I was wondering if that man in the cover is Yu Yan or Soi Sauz

          1. I also not sure, it was just my first impression when I though the animal kinda similar to qiong qi because it head quite chubby and has furry hair so i always imagine sesame like that.
            thats why i was suprised when both you and sunny sunshine said it was a dragon, I fail my imagination because i didnt checked the picture in detail.
            LOL ?

          2. Because the animal has furry head, i though it was some feline species
            i never look the cover in detail LOL ?

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