[Disciple Releases] Chapter 204

Chapter 204

Ah, I can’t believe it. There’s actually so many people who thought that I’m a girl? Geez! And among them there’s even someone who read all my announcements since the start too. (I’m watching you, Azai_Art) Wow. Maybe I should put up more pictures of guys instead of girls from now on.

And no, I’m not a trap either. :/

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31 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 204”

  1. It doesn’t matter whether you are boy or girl, as long there is love you will be able to overcome anything! *encourage people to their doom*

  2. I’m sorry… I thought you were a girl too. I think it’s because of all the pink colors, pictures of cute girls, and because “Scrya” sounds sort of like female name to me…

    But my love for you won’t waiver regardless… lol

  3. Sorry, but if you put pictures of guys like these, I will think that you, at the best, is a girl who has a crush on anime’s characters or that you are a Fujoshi. No offense.

    Also, thank you for the chapter, I love your translations and this novel.

  4. Delusional mode: noooo scrya must be cursed like zhu yao when she became a man!

    But yeah thought you were a guy when you wrote that you had military training/deployment. 95% sure.

  5. Yep, knew it~~ <3!!! Excuse me while I go gloat to my niece. I was betting on you being a guy…'cause no girl would post that many pics of pretty girls, period.

  6. if one paid attention the army talks suggested you were a man from the army talks.
    but i dunno, i somehow thought you were female.
    maybe it is because of all the cute pictures (banner, profile pic ecc.) and all the pink, though it doesn’t really mean anything.
    or maybe it is because of your old site.
    i probably associated the character on the banner with you and though i’m not sure… that seems like a girl. or not? mmm… what’s that character by the way?

  7. LMAO XD hey I didn’t assume, I wasn’t here at the very beginning but I found your site at around chapter 70’s, I got hints from your announcement that your male but, after you made this site then the announcements threw off mixed messages, sorry but that’s still funny tho.

  8. … very sorry Mr Scrya ?
    Not sure whether to laugh or cry for you since I was – by far – not the only one ?
    Again sorry: this time for my schadenfreude ?

  9. Dude. What? How…. omg my image of you is destroyed ? haha jk…. but i seriously am suprised
    like HOLY SHIT WHAT suprised

  10. Nooo please dont , just be yourself and dont feel bad its just a mistake that us readers make.

    And like other have said at this point in time it doesnt matter anymore, your translations have an amazing quality and the fact that you keep doing this even though you have things in RL too, in my eyes you are an amazing person, you have my thanks and gratitude.

  11. “And no, I’m not a trap either.” Pff, I actually am laughing excessively.
    I too thought you were a girl, my bad.

  12. Hahahaha! this is fun XD and no, I’m not taking pleasure in your misery, reading the comments and the misunderstanding was really funny haha yep sorry >.< And no need to change anything that you've been doing since the start. We love all your posts, especially the pictures, some of them are good wallpapers πŸ˜€ hmm.hmm.. yep don't change..

  13. It’s okay, we still love you! But really, I always assume translators were boys but with you haha I honestly thought you’re a girl.. Pfft. Sorry Scrya-kun!

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