[Disciple Releases] Chapter 205

Chapter 205

Ah. Though I’m happy that the comments were very lively on the last post, when I realized all of them are mostly people thinking that I’m a girl… Sigh… Oh well.

Anyway, it was quite busy for me last week, so there wasn’t any chapters. The releases will be quite random from now on, too. So yeah.

And from now on, I’m going to post more pictures of guys! And it’s not because I’m still bothered or anything! Yes, I’m just paying tribute to Chu Chulainn for how awesome he is!

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26 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 205”

  1. Ahahahah,…. so sorry Mr Scrya! Anyway, good luck with your fitness exam and other stuffs! And thank you for the hard work, truly appreciated.

      1. That’s good. Please don’t mind abt us teasing you the last two chapters.? it just mean you are loved very much ??? .

  2. if it’s any comfort i didn’t think you where a girl, however that might be because i never gave it a much of a thought.

  3. I always thought you were a dude.. ☺️ but then if you post more pictures of dudes I’ll have the misconception of you thinking that dudes are hot so.. Conclusion is you’re a girl? There’s no winning with this ?

      1. Seconded.. XD. I think it’s best to post what you like before if you want people though you as a guy. lol.

        Thank you for the chapter, scrya-san! I found your website several weeks ago and just finished reading the lastest chapter. I found it is funny that people thought you are a girl.. XD

  4. Scrya-sama will always be scrya-sama in my Heart. Doesn’t matter the Gender.

    P.S : I’m cool with pretty girls pic or boys pic as long as they’re Cute ?

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