[Disciple Releases] Chapter 209

Chapter 209 can be found here!

Ello everyone, I’m officially qui- gah, it’s April Fools, no one’s going to fall for something like this on April Fools, right?

So yeah, it’s been a while. Midterms are over, and finals are approaching as quick as ever. By the time you’re reading this, I’m probably already seated in my practical exam venue, typing out lines and lines of code like my life depends on it. Yes, it’s Saturday. I’m still in school. Sigh.

Anyway, translating speed will pick up again early May when my finals are over! I will probably randomly throw in some chapters this month when I’m finally fed up with my math assignments being more about tedious checks for careless mistakes instead of testing actual concepts.

Oh right, if you guys aren’t aware, So What if it’s an RPG World has been picked up by Sicill and her team here. So, head over there, RPG World fans!

So yeah, be patient! I won’t abandon you guys! Ever!

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26 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 209”

  1. YOU ARE BACKKK!!! Finally ? ! I actually visit your page everyday, waiting and waiting. Thank you for the chapter and welcome back

  2. Mr. Scrya IS BACKKKKKK! How is your module? Is it turned out fine?
    I pray your exams go well!
    Thank you for the chapter and all the hard works!

  3. Thanks god….u’r back…..i’m worried something might be happen to you….its good to see you again ^^
    *i’m sorry for my bad english

  4. “Ello everyone, Iā€™m officially qui-” and here I thought: he is going to leave school and will start release Zhu Yao Every Day ?? Hurrayyy
    And then it’s April,1st
    Good luck with finals
    Thanks for new chapter

  5. aww i thought you failed your exams and ran away from your murderous parents … welcome back

  6. Scrya san I don’t mean to be imposing or pesky but i was just wondering if you could atleast post one chapter a week like on weekends. I miss this series alot and i check every day. T^T PLS!!

  7. getting little worried now, was expecting our beloves Scrya back around 20th like last year, hope things didnt go south and just taking some vacation after

  8. Yay!! It’s may 2, that means you’re going to be back sooner or later, right?

  9. Hey Scrya, hope your exams went well!
    If you are, please come back!! I miss the chibi master dearly :'(

  10. to bad scrya quit. and here i came almost everyday until finaly understanding this was not 1st april joke

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