[Disciple Releases] Chapter 210

Chapter 210 can be read here!

Ello! Sorry for the long wait, everyone! After my exams, I went to take a short breather, before preparing myself for a summer project. Things have been going pretty alright, so I will be releasing disciple every one or two days from now on till the end of August? Yep!

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31 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 210”

  1. You are so kind to us.
    Thank you for everything!
    *Hugs and rubs cheeks on your thighs *

  2. We missed you ?? (and zhu yao and master and yue Ying and the rest of the multi-racial multi-racial harem of weirdness etc)
    Welcome back!!! ??

  3. Thank youuuu Scrya!! Glad to hear everything is well. Welcome back!! We love you huhuhu * tears of happiness*

  4. “Mistress, I really hate this person. Can I bite him? Can I bite him?” as always sesame so cute! xD

  5. Welcome back! I had to rub my eyes a few times, before I believed there was an update. Thanks for this.

  6. I couldnt comment in the chapter so I will say this here.
    “Sesame did not expect that this opportunity would come so quickly”
    “ZHU YAO did not expect that this opportunity would come so quickly”

  7. Eh… No comments on the actual chapter itself… Oh well… Thanks for the release, hope you’ll keep your words, really, really, looking forward to it…
    Also… ‘non-adults’… Why do I feel like it’s something much much simpler…

  8. Scrya is back??! This is a dream right?.. Scrya is really back!! Welcome back, and thanks for the chapter!!!

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