[Disciple Releases] Chapter 221-222

Chapter 221 and 222 can be found here, and there respectively!

So yeah, I missed my chance to upload yesterday, so I’m uploading two today! Hohoho! Also, since there’s no such thing as ‘Lordess’, I changed everything to ‘Lord’, since ‘Lady’ just doesn’t sound imposing enough.

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26 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 221-222”

  1. Oh my goodness, thank you for the double release! Especially so soon since you churned out 3 chapters so quickly. Oh my, what to do? Suddenly I want to bear little fruits for you! >__<

    1. Yea, i’m starting to worry about that as well. Even ‘hail the king’ translator…no word from him either.

  2. I really love this novel but sadly I am dropping it. The lack of update and constant unknown absent is not worth it.

    1. Seriously? If you really wanted to drop the novel you could have just done it. Why the need to say it? If it’s your way of trying to make the translator update faster, I am afraid that’s not going to work.

  3. This is actually kinda worrying. While if its for health reasons its understandable, or if its a break that’s fine. However im actually starting to worry that Qidian appeared from the woodworks in its “want some drugs” like trench-coat. except instead of drugs its “want to be forced to remove your already translated work, Be forced to translate only that work. then if you refuse to translate/cant translate get kicked off then threatened you if you try to pick up that work again.”

    1. Qidian doesn’t explain lack of any posting. Sounds more like something’s happened in RL.

      1. yea, that was kinda a overstatement. Still upset about a few of my favorites being taken by Qidian.Oh well. This series has gone on hiatus before so im not too worried.

  4. isn’t funny when they vainish without a warning.
    Something like “i’m dropping, someone can take my work?” would be 100 times better 🙂

  5. scrya sama!!!! i hope you are okay! did “they” get to you too?? effing b~tards! NOOOOOO!
    Please be okay… we love you. And we miss the “Lordess” very much.

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