[Disciple Releases] Chapter 223-227

Chapter 223 can be found here.

Sorry for the hiatus the past month. Got hit by a mental breakdown of some sort, and was literally contemplating about life for half a month, especially on what I really want to do in the future. Haven’t really found an answer yet though, teehee.

So yeah, sorry to worry you guys, and sorry to the people who are disappointed with the chapter release rate, even though I made a promise of producing a chapter every 2 days. But I hope that I would get some more rest time to think about this for a little while more. It won’t be long, just a few more days!

Anyways, some other matters. I have received some e-mails requesting to translate my English translations of Disciple and the early chapters of RPG into other languages. I’m fine with it, but please take note that though I try to keep the translation as accurate as possible, I have still taken some liberties in my translations as well. More importantly, I don’t own the actual work, nor have I gotten official permission from the relevant authorities. In this case, Qidian and sfacg. Though Qidian has invited me a long while back, because I was pretty involved in my studies, I declined their offer. Haven’t got a reply since.

Yeah, that’s about it. Please enjoy these five chapters, which will conclude the present arc! I will be back in a few days!

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  1. Thanks so much for the updates and please take care of yourself. I had some stress problems before and one thing that helped me was relaxing music therapy. Just go on youtube and search “relaxing music therapy for stress relief” then you can choose whichever you want like piano, flute, ocean sounds, etc. I would listen to that while doing my work on my computer.

  2. Hi Scrya, hope you’re doing well. Thank you for all the chapters — please don’t worry about us too much and feel pressured to release chapters when life hits you. We know you care and are grateful for what we can get. Please don’t be afraid to reach out if you need help with something… even to us strangers on the internet. You never know (heck, I work with career-readiness education myself)… Take it easy and just focus on physical steps that you can take at this moment. Fighting! 🙂

  3. Welcome back Scrya! We were really worried about you. I have experienced mental breakdown myself, and what really helped me was to talk to people i trust. My parents, siblings and best friend. To really open up to your closest people, and be honest with yourself truly helps. Please talk to someone you trust Scrya. You can even talk to us strangers, like tenkkay said. 🙂 And remember, it’s not the end of the world if you choose the wrong path. You can always turn back, and that is a good thing. And don’t worry about the release rate of diciple-chapters!

  4. Ehy scrya, i appreciate your news.
    I feel sorry for your problems, but i can assure you that you are not alone.
    Fears for the future, lack of confidence, depression, tiredness, we all have times like this.
    If do you fill without charge, drop the work and feel free to share with the coommunity.
    For me, talking with someone, help me find new ideas or drop the stress.
    I hope this will help you see us and the novel-translation, less like a work and more like an hobby shared with a bunch of long-distance friends 🙂
    I pray for your happines

  5. Welcome back Scrya!
    Don’t worry about not being able to give us much of Disciple! It is good to see you again.

  6. Hey Scrya, just want you to know that we’ll be here for you. If you need someone to talk to or anything else that we can do, let us know. Love ya ❤️

  7. Hello Mr. Scrya. Are you well now? I understand completely what you have going through since I had it too. It’s soo depressing, but as long as you decided upon, all will be well. Just think it through, evaluate all your options and decide the option that you can life with. Hope it help little bit.

    Good luck, Mr. Scrya!

  8. Hey… Just wanted to say I’m going thru the same thing right now haha… I’m taking a semester break to think I want to do with this life of mine ? Money or passion amiright?

  9. Thank you Scrya. I was just worried that you got into some troubles. Thanks for the chapters.

  10. Welcome back mr. scrya….cheeerrr up ?
    I dont know whats your problem…but i hope you can passtrough it without much trouble. Hope you can get what you want ? Fighting !!!!

  11. Welcome back Scrya! Don’t worry about releasing chapters if you don’t feel like it, your own life is much more important. Take all the time you need!

  12. thank goodness your back. i dont mind you taking breaks if you need them i as well as the others will understand. thank you very much for your work!!!

  13. Thankyou and thankyouuu

    Hope everything well for you
    Cheer up
    We always support u and zhu yao ??

  14. Welcome back Scrya! It doesn’t matter wether you update frequently or not. As long as you are not leaving us without any word. That really make us sad..
    At least leave some news when you do looks down or something.
    Hope you stay healthy. God bless you

  15. Get well soon Scrya! Hope you have someone you can safely confide your thoughts and concerns with somone you trust. Talk it over to make sense of it all! Wishing you all the best and take your time to recover. Thank you again for the new releases ???????☉??

  16. Dont join Qidian Scrya plz! Those douches are trying to ruin Wuxiaworld and Gravity Tales by harassing and taking away their translators, and you have to pay to read their novels even when the base material is free

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    EDIT: my original comment apparently disappeared. Anyway, you might benefit from checking out 80000hours.org, which provides great free career advice.

  18. Thank you very much for doing these translations – they’re of high quality (mindbogglingly so, given that they’re free) and must’ve taken you forever to do. I’ve just caught up with the recent-most chapter and continue to enjoy the story a lot.

    I wish you all the best in your future. I know nothing about your specific situation, so if the following seems like terrible advice to you, please disregard it:

    If your specific worries were related to career choice, there’s a nonprofit which provides high-quality, comprehensive, free career advice called 80,000 Hours (so named because there are roughly 80k hours of work in an average career). You can find their career guide (available in both text form and video form) here: https://80000hours.org/ -> e.g. its career guide begins with “What makes for a dream job?”, but it also covers topics like “How to make a difference in any job” or “What’s the most pressing problem in the world?”

    As I said, if this seemed like bad or inapplicable advice, please disregard it. In any case, I wish you all the best!

  19. No matter. Just give us a shout out if anything’s up next time. I, and I’m pretty sure a lot of your followers, was more worried about you than disappointed especially with the qidian thing going on in the past month.

    I, for one, really appreciate your hardwork and sharing it with us. MDDYA has been a fave of mine ever since I read it in your old site, plus your TLs had been really fun to read that I always end up laughing. You have conveyed the original text well, making it possible for me to just read and have the images pop up in my head at times. ? I hope you’ll feel better soon. Cheer up! ???

    checkout this inspirational story:

  20. Go for money, then try to love what you do, or find a way to make money from your passion. Trust me! No one is passionate about not having money.

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