[Disciple Releases] Chapter 228-230

Chapter 228 can be found here!

Hello everyone, I’m back! Feeling better than ever! Thanks for all the concern and supportive comments, I really appreciate them!

About Qidian, I haven’t received any take-down notices or anything like that yet, and if they ever reach out to me again, I doubt I will take their offer for now, due to school and what-not. I can’t keep up a constant schedule after all, which Qidian requires. (See, my hiatus was my plan all along!) Well, if they ever come after me, I will probably run and hide and somewhere. Teehee. Well, we can cross that river when we get there.

Now, some of you might have realized since yesterday, but I have finished up the EPUBs and PDFs up to the current point of translations, which I have delayed for ever so long. (Sorry to my reader whom I promised that I would do it after my mid-terms last semester, only to get it done now >.<) Yep, you can download them through the Dropbox folder here. The Dropbox links can also be found in the Disciple ToC here.

While I was at it, I have also done some edits to my translations since chapter 1. The changes are mostly the inconsistencies in terms, the irregularities in my capitalization of terms, and also some renames to places. There’s absolute no need for you to re-read everything again, since the content are the same. Just that if you spot some changes in the terms in the future chapters, please don’t be alarmed. Also, the changes have only been applied to the downloadable EPUBs and PDFs, not the individual chapters on this site as of yet, except for Arc 7. I will fix up the individual chapters on the site in bulks, once I have the time.

Of course, if you ever get confused about the places and names and what-not due to the term changes and my long hiatus, I have also finished up the glossary if you ever need some help in recalling them.

Once again, I would like to thank all my readers for the support and love you have given me! School will be starting soon, so, before that, in order to answer to all your support so far, I will dish out chapter after chapter everyday! Ah crap, I shouldn’t make promises like this so easily~ But whatever, I will try my best! Stay tuned!~

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  1. Thanks Scrya! Chapters everyday will make me happy, but don’t stress yourself out! Even just one every couple of days will make us happy.

  2. Glad you’re feeling much better! ??

    I also liked your plan, ? ahahahah
    Run like the wind!

    Things can also be really hectic for school so just update whenever you can. Us readers understand ?

    Thanks also for the updates and PDF. Yay! I was bumbed that there were no more PDFs to re-read offline from vol.5 and up so, I made an EPUB of it for myself. And it’s messy. Anyways, yours is much better so I’ll be downloading that. ???

  3. I’m happy to read you feel better, when do you feel, we are there.
    Without forghetting, thanks for the chapters 🙂

  4. thank you so much scarya, I really really appreciated ??

    Gonna Re-read now, because i really like this novel ?

  5. Scrya I want to hug your legs!
    I really really appreciate your works. Thank you thank you very much ??

  6. I didn’t mind the ePUB release waiting at all! I’ll definitely download them if I ever want to re-reread the series again!
    Thank you, Scrya ^^

  7. Yayy! I’m really glad you’re feeling better! If you ever find yourself in that place again remember we’ll always be supporting you! ❤️❤️ And thanks for the chaps ?

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