[Disciple Releases] Chapter 233-234

Chapter 233 can be found here~

Now then, let’s move on to the questions you guys commented yesterday!

maiha asks: Which other Chinese novel (other than disciple of course) did you really enjoy reading?

Cultivation Chat Group! I think I stated it before in NU Forums, and also one of the posts before this, but I will say it again here anyway. CCG is a very fun series! Like Disciple, it’s a somewhat comedic take of the Xianxia genre. To summarize, Song Shuhang stumbled into a private chat group because of a mis-add by the group admin, and thought they were just a bunch of chuunis. Then after trying out a refining liquid which he saw in one of their conversations, he found out everything was true, and then his cultivation journey began! There are always funny highlights in every single chapter, no matter how serious it gets. To the point where I start to wonder just what is going on with the author’s brain.

Ahem. In any case, it’s worth checking out. I heard Premonition from volarenovels dropped it recently, because of the Qidian drama and all that, along with some hate comments about his translation speed. Geez, really? If anyone of you here did such a thing, go PM him on discord, and tell him you’re sorry a thousand times! And here I was thinking of hopping onto their CCG team after I’m done with Disciple too. Sigh, oh well~

Currently, it has been picked up by weitranslations. So you guys can check it out if you’re interested!

flub asks: How old are you! 😀

I’m currently 22 years old! I’m so old… Sigh… (Awaits comments of readers who’s older than me and are gonna say 22 years old ain’t old!)

Quân Bảo Thiên Tô asks: What do you major in?

I’m presently studying Business Analytics~ I analyze data and stuff. Like your interest in novels! Actually, I have this idea at the back of my mind for quite a while, and it’s about studying the novel trends on Novel Updates, like which genre do people usually go for, and if there’s any strange tags that somehow garners quite a bit of attention etc. Well, this probably requires Tony’s permission, but I don’t think I will actually be attempting it anytime soon~

Chuo asks: How about what was the latest actual book, not web novel, you have read?

I bought and read Volume 1 and 2 of Overlord a few months ago. Does that count? :> I don’t really buy or read actual books that often. Probably because I’m just lazy to look for them. Ahem. If you have any good books that you want to recommend though, please feel free to tell me! I will find some time to read them~

Rem asks: What are some trendy or popular foods in Singapore right now? Savory, desserts, drinks, etc.

To celebrate our nation’s National Day, which is like Independence Day if you’re more familiar with this term, McDonalds came up with this Nasi Lemak Burger, which is inspired by our local favourite Nasi Lemak. Nasi Lemak is basically a rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves. The rice itself is accompanied by some assorted sides, usually eggs, peanuts, chicken, and sambal chilli sauce. (Well in my case anyway) So McDonalds took that and came up with this!

Source of article: here

Apparently it’s launching today? I might grab one and try it out. If you’re coming over to Singapore for a vacation or something, you can take this opportunity to try it out too~

Ebsolas asks: What would qualify as an R18 question? 

You’re an R18 question!

Panda Wannabe asks: How do you translate so fast? Tell me your secret!

I sit. In front of the computer. And type. While sometimes changing tabs to Facebook and Youtube. And then sometimes, click on the attack button on my phone which is displaying Fate Grand Order. Then I grab lunch downstairs. Come back up. Oh hey, the chapter is done!

Mrs Nyan asks: Do you believe in the all-mighty Unitato? *-*

Honestly. I didn’t know what was an Unitato until now. And after searching it up… I shall say… Hell no! WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY!?

Anon asks: The true question that will change the world is.. are you a man or a girl? ehehe

Wait, people are still questioning my gender!? I’m a Unitato.

Kookie asks: Marry me Scrya!! ヽ(〃v〃)ノ

Ok! Do you want a traditional Chinese wedding, or western? How many children do you want to have? I want to have at least two! And if the two of them are all sons, I want to continue having children till we have a daughter! Daughters are justice! Umm… About our home, honestly, getting a house in Singapore is expensive. Both of us would most likely have to work, or I can just work doubly hard to compensate, but everything is worth it for our cute daughter! And uhh… uhh… Ahem, let’s continue this in private, shall we?

Alright, that’s all the questions for now. Hopefully I didn’t miss any. If you have anymore questions, please comment down below! I will answer them to the best of my abilities!

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  1. Do something like this again! Btw, you are younger by 1 year than me. Sigh, what achievement did I have these past years…”orz

  2. I’m totally dead XD
    So you are an Unitato… mhhh, interesting, during the reproduction, a little of water is enough like for the potatos, or… ? XD
    Oh sorry, this is R18 i suppose uahahahha

    Anyway wow, so fast, thanks for the hard work Scrya 🙂

  3. If you’re looking for a novel to pick up, look at Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich. Think Ainz with Zhu Yao’s personality trying desperately to save the world with the aid of an asshole system and really quirky friends. It’s a rollercoaster ride of comedy, epic moment and heartwarming scenes.

  4. So, here is the evil questions no one asked yet:
    “Are you taken? had girl/boyfriend in RL yet? (Kookie not counted)”
    “What kind of girl/boyfriend do you prefer? I mean, you type”

    (I told you it’s EVIL questions :D)
    Oh, we’re neighbor, btw! Cheers from Indonesia!

  5. Hahaha??? too funny yeas you are so young I wish I was 22 again ???

    No I wish I was 14 again those where the days best years ever!

    Also McDs sucks don’t ever eat there and don’t work there worst place ever and it’s from experience. But I am sure that is only here in the US. I have been to the McD in Thailand and they seem pretty cool but it’s not real burgers it’s soy and that tasted weird I am a real meat person come on Thailand! ?? j/p but for real their burgers are really soy burgers.

    Okay back to topic thanks so much for the chapters! So excited!

  6. Hahaha very funny ?
    You are not that older yet! In nov i will be 22 too! I will just forget my age and pretend that i am some younger sis thou ?
    Question section!!
    Q: why sometimes life is suck? (No no no… let’s pretend i never ask them)
    Q: how to not be a weirdo? (Ehmmm wrong… no no no )
    Q: how to not ask an useless question?
    (True ???!!)

    Me too!! Cheers from indonesia, my neighbor!!

  7. I recommend you the black magician trilogy. They are books great!
    The autor is name Trudi Canavan.
    Thanks for the chapters Scyra!
    PD: I’m sorry for my English. I speaking Spanish and my English grammar is not good (I read the chapters using translation O.O)

  8. That burger looks so good!!

    What do you get with your milk tea? (e.g. pudding, boba, etc.) Or do you not drink it?

  9. F***! I’m an old man at 26!
    I agree! Daughters are justice! I always want one, and just one daughter!
    Sadly, I’m not even married yet!

  10. I would say that LNs count. Hmm, a recent book that I have read that I can recomment is the powder mage series, last month I just read the 2nd in the trilogy and REALLY liked it.

    Honestly I had books in my mind because I’m stuck right now on one, that isn’t actually bad to drop it but, compelling enough for me, to want to keep reading.

      1. Lol no a pal of mine just sometimes stalk me, so I mess with him by changing my name/profile once in a while. Of course I always leave either “Wonder” or “Woman” in my name so he can find me :^)

  11. Im 20 but I still think you are young;). I also have question! A lot in fact. Like: do you have real gf/bf(i know people had asked but i cant help to add one more:p)
    and: do you plan on taking another work to translate beside disciple or ccg?
    Lastly:(not a question though) thank you so muh for translating this. This is my best remedy for stress♡♡

  12. Thanks for the chapters!

    Recommendations of great free fiction:
    – Rationalist fiction: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: http://www.hpmor.com/ -> Complete and utterly remarkable. Read chapters 1-5, and if you’re not hooked by then, give up. Long.
    – Dark superhero fiction: Worm: https://parahumans.wordpress.com/ -> Awesome and complete but extremely long, and a more polished version is still in the works.
    – Chinese web novel: The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich: http://www.novelupdates.com/series/the-experimental-log-of-the-crazy-lich/ -> Crazy trolling protagonist without all the ruthlessness typical of e.g. Against the Gods.

  13. This was very cute…and you are very young so I hope you enjoy your youth as much as possible and take care of your health. Turning 30 is hell on your body

  14. [Daughters are justice!]
    She will grow up you know??
    She will call you creep/old man/bald you know??
    She will get boyfriend you know??
    She get married you know??
    She will leave you. you know??
    ….. *sniff* *sniff* (TTwTT)

  15. CCG is one of my favorite series too!!
    …I should catch up to it soon, I have quite a number of chapters to read orz

  16. So you were an Unitato. 😮
    Anyway, I recommend the Discworld – Ankh-Morpork City Watch Series of Terry Pratchett, which start with “Guards Guards!”. Truthfully all(almost all) of the Discworld books are great, the feel they give is the same as in Disciple and Chat Group. And the greatest characters of the series are Sam Vimes, DEATH, and the duo Rincewind and Twoflower. (I haven’t read yet the witch series, so idk about the characters from there).

    Here is a link in goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/series/106221-discworld—ankh-morpork-city-watch

  17. Everyone seems older than me, I’m only 15 years old… thanks for the translations!!! Oh yeah, I’m a potato!!!

  18. 😀
    Long live Overlord and CCG! And that last question! As long as you don’t start quarrelling about naming her or something. Good luck! 😀
    Oh, you young innocent people. This old lady is almost 10 years older and still feels quite young.

  19. Tell me how to roll a SSR in Fate/Grand Order!

    While on it, please treat me SQ when you’re getting married~

  20. Thanks for the chapters !
    22 yers old? I’ll be 25 this year and will have to say bye bye to special discounts for “youngsters” (like having to pay over 50€ for comutating instead of 15€ *snif*) so enjoy your youth ! Hope you have discounts on some stuffs where you live too ~

    Oh yeah my question… How did you feel while and after translating chapters ? (Especially today’s, chapter 234 more precisely fufufufu)

  21. scyra is a man because he say he would work harder right my boy oh and thanks for the chapter im cheering you up from indonesia

  22. lol the qidian translation group. most of their translated novel seem dull for me… if only they know how to read the correct one since most chinese novel have over 1000+ chp

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