[Disciple Releases] Chapter 235-236

Chapter 235 can be found here!

I’m glad you guys enjoyed yesterday’s Q&A! Also, thank you for all the novel recommendations. I actually have Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich in my backlog which I haven’t gotten the opportunity to start yet. I will probably start reading it during my meals. The Black Magician trilogy seems up my alley as well. Oh and Powder Mage too! Mmm… Ah by the way, since you guys recommended all these novels to me, if translation speed falls, you can’t blame me for it, right!? Hohoho! (Found another reason to slack off)

Now, let’s move on with the questions today again~!

Anon asks: So you are an Unitato… mhhh, interesting, during the reproduction, a little of water is enough like for the potatos, or… ? XD

@Mrs Nyan, you are an expert at this subject matter. Please enlighten us! How do Unitatos reproduce!

Jipan asks: Are you taken? had girl/boyfriend in RL yet? (Kookie not counted) What kind of girl/boyfriend do you prefer? I mean, your type.

I don’t have an actual girlfriend. Nor a boyfriend. I’m a loner. sniff. Finding one in the computing department is hard. Plus, I don’t really socialize a lot. So…

As for my preference for girls… Well… It’s a secret!

chocholate asks: how to not ask an useless question?

There are no useless questions, only unanswerable questions! And this is an unanswerable question!

Rem asks: What do you get with your milk tea? (e.g. pudding, boba, etc.)

I occasionally bought them to drink, but not so much now that Gongcha was bought over, and is replaced by LiHo. I heard the milk tea they make isn’t that good. But when I did buy milk tea before, I would usually add tapioca pearls!

Yuu asks: Do you plan on taking another work to translate beside disciple and ccg? 

No plans yet. I’m actually part of Alyschu’s team for ATG and SR if you guys aren’t aware. We’re catching up with the ATG raws, and SR actually has another very efficient translator working on it too, so… I probably don’t have much work to be done on that side either.

I would probably finish up ‘There’s a Pit in My Senior Martial Brother’s Brain’ soon, which I have stalled for quite a while. There’s only nine more chapters to go I think? I had actually planned on pacing it with the raw release schedule, but the author seems to be occupied with the manga itself, and hasn’t updated it for about a year or so. So yeah, I will try to wrap it up soon!

NegaRaizu: Tell me how to roll a SSR in Fate/Grand Order!

There’s always only one foolproof way to roll an SSR in mobile games. Flash your credit card! Sell your soul! SSRs will then come pouring your way!

And no, I’m not going to treat you anything. Rather, you should be treating us instead!

That’s all for today, I guess! By the way, if a repeated question comes up, I won’t answer them again, because my answer will still be the same! Hohoho! So yeah, see you guys tomorrow~

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