[Disciple Releases] Chapter 237

Chapter 237 can be found here!

Only a single chapter today since I was out the entire day yesterday~ Anyway, let’s move on to the questions again!

NoddyNodNod asks: How did you feel while and after translating chapters ? (Especially today’s, chapter 234 more precisely fufufufu)

Let’s talk about chapter 234 specifically. It was… hard. I had to switch tabs to something else more often than before to get the scenes out of my head before continuing. *coughs* And after finishing the translation of the chapter, how can I say this? A part of me was glad that I’m done with it, and another part of me wants more of it. Hohoho… I’m not lewd. Really. Believe me. Rather, you’re the lewd one for asking me this question!

Anon asks: What about your musical tastes?

I actually like all type of music and songs, as long as it’s not heavy metal. Techno is also not something I like to listen to for long periods of time either.

I especially like some of Reol‘s songs, especially no title!

B Brighter N Brightest asks: Will you consider to join Xian Ni translation team?

Uhh… I haven’t exactly read Xian Ni, so I currently don’t think see myself translating it in the future. Plus it seems they are releasing constantly too, so there isn’t a need for me right? Hohoho!~

Panda Wannabe asks: How did you found those beautiful pictures?

I spend up to half an hour every day looking at pictures on Pixiv, wishing everyday that I could have even a ten- no a hundredth of their artistic talents. Then I can draw all the daugh-, I mean, then I can draw anything I want!

Megu asks: Scyra, do you speak Cantonese or Fokkien? And did you have a hard tine learning 汉子 when you were a kid? 

I speak meagre amount cantonese but understand most of it. As for Fokkien, its not something I can understand. :/

As for chinese, truthfully speaking, I wasn’t a big fan of the chinese language whatsoever when I was young. Skipped out most of my chinese homework many times, to the point where my teacher had to call up my parents. Hohoho. Good times… wait no, they were bad times.

Though I love repetitive work like math, things like writing down tens and hundreds of the same chinese characters repeatedly onto square boxes were really boring. Honestly, they should have introduced more books or novels to read, which I believe would be much more productive and fun to learn with. But noo… its the standard textbook text and continuous repetitive work throughout my 6 years of primary school. Sigh. Things got better though in secondary school, but because of my  slight truancy with the chinese language in the previous 6 years, it was a bit hard to keep up with some of the new vocabs and stuff. But I guess I pulled through. 😮

A² + B² = C² asks: Do you snack when you translate? And if you do, what’s your favourite translating snack?

I don’t snack while I translate. I hardly eat in my room too, it will bring ants to my table. :/ I do however usually have ice coffee next to me while doing so. Gotta get some caffeine in my system yo!~

Megumi Kobayashi asks: Who is Kookie? Is she a fictional character? I’m really curious!

How dare you! Go face the wall over there and reflect on what you had just said!

That’s it for today. By the way, I usually finish writing each post at about 1am to 2am (GMT+8), and then schedule it to appear on 8am. So if you post a question after 1am, most likely, your question will only be answered in the following post instead~

Also, to end off. I’m not lewd.

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9 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 237”

  1. A fictional character D:
    How dare you!? I’m very real tyvm. And have actually met Scyra irl and know his three sizes xP
    (…Okay, that last part was a lie. We’ve met but I only know his height and birth date.)

    To answer the question, I’m a fellow translator and more importantly, Scrya’s #1 fan!

  2. Has anyone asked about TV shows yet? I can recomment the expance, soo good. Or maybe american gods that I binged a couple of weeks ago.

    Thanks for the translation ?

  3. yah, bad place the school, just a waste of time.
    I started to learn something of english, translating games, novels and manga :/
    oh a good question, why don’t try to ask us something instead? XD

  4. Singapore is GMT+8? So I was wrong thinking it is GMT+7 since it placed around Malaka. Wait, are you even in Singapore? Seems like my brain messed up…

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