[Disciple Releases] Chapter 238

Chapter 238 can be found here!

To re-emphasize, I’m not lewd. Important things must be said thrice.

Chuo asks: Has anyone asked about TV shows yet?

I will take it as though you’re asking me if I watch any TV shows. 😮
I don’t really watch much TV except for the daily local news during dinner. *coughs* I’m also one of the heathens that haven’t got to watch Game of Thrones yet. Hohoho. Things I do watch though, are anime, and occasionally youtube videos, like short sketches and stuff.

Bananeeg asks: Do you cook? 

Sadly, I don’t cook. I can do some easy stuffs like cooking egg noodles (with pre-made instant noodles of course), and I think I recall making sushi during home economics lessons in secondary school. But that’s about it. So if I ever find myself a wife, she must know how to cook, otherwise we’re both screwed. *coughs*

Anon asks: oh a good question, why don’t you try asking us something instead? XD

Mmm… Well alright then! What are all of your second favourite novels? Obviously, your most favourite novel is Disciple, so there’s no point in asking that! Hohoho! Right, so leave your second favourite novel in the comments down below, so that I can find more novels to read (and to slack off with) !

Also, just to add on about the Q&A. It doesn’t have to always be personal questions, you know? It can be questions related to strange things like that Unitato from before. I’m pretty sure questions like that would be more interesting than my dull life! Hohoho!~

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21 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 238”

  1. My second my favorite novel?! I’d say Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta. It’s kind off depressing but it gives a nice twist to the usual reverse harem ex-villain setting in otome novels.
    Has anyone ask you what your favorite food is yet? If not, what’s your favorite food?

  2. Sansheng, Death not Exist in the River of Oblivion.
    oh crap I created a short review, I’ll post it somewhere else.
    dammit scrya, you triggered my switch!

  3. You’ve unlocked a trophy ‘Drag out the Lurker’. Lol. If you are looking for novels to read check out https://yoraikun.wordpress.com. Yorai-kun-sama has translated several great series. His standing in the translating realm is at the godly level. His current series is Dragoon. A story about a guy who learns the magical arts of petting dragons. Another place to check out is https://lightnovelbastion.com. LNB group has several active series so you can look for something you like.

  4. Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings!(Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!) or Konosuba for short.

  5. uahahaha
    Cooking is a for of art.
    And when you eat what you prepared, is like eating what do you have inside.
    I find cooking so funny, listening music.
    Acqually, i’m hooked with “Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu”.
    Is still incomplete and pretty far from the cultivation world, but i simply can’t stop o read about them 🙂

    Time for another question, so… do you have a favorite film? something that influenced your whay of thinking?

    1. wow, so much error.
      Just reading myself give me death. sorry scrya, if reading this..(exist a definition for this?) give you pain XD
      2) “while” listening music.
      3) Actually
      4) stop reading about them 🙂
      5) way, not whay 🙁

      so much errors is such a small sentence uahaha

  6. I like Ascendance of a Bookworm, a cute little JP novel.

    Also, with how cute you act, tell me honestly: Are you secretly a Yandere?

  7. My second favorite is probably Your and my Asylum. Praise the Orc and Mushoku Tensei are also really good.

  8. For full fledged fantasy novel, I love Stormlight archive series by Brandon Sanderson. It’s awesome. Unique magic system? Check. Awesome fighting? Check. War? Check. Deep character development? Check. It’s all in one buffet. I’m a fan of Sanderson, and will happily recommend his novels. For starter, try his Mistborn Trilogy, its mind blowing.

    For LN, I like several, like I reborn in Otome Game as Villain (Bakarina is awesome), Cultivation-chat-group is fun too. Then, Ascendance of a Bookworm (Maine x Lutz forever!!!). Then, Doomed to be Cannon Fodder. You had to read the comments section, they are awesome! We’ve got Bush Army too! And cookies!

  9. If you watch youtube stuff I can recomment you oats studios, they are doing amazing stuff, mostly sci-fi. Can’t wait for something with magic.

    A weird question then, if you could teleport but feel excruciating, and I mean even WORSE than a hit on the balls I’m talking minicomma, pain everytime you did it to anywhere on the world without permanent health issues or you could fly but it would be like running so you would feel as tired as doing a physical exertion, you could fly at walking speed and wouldn’t get as tired, which one would you choose?

  10. question : are you interested in fixing system bug in another world ? promise high pay and freedom to decide working time

  11. Whoa! Ty Scrya for all your updates! As for my second favourite novel, it has to be “Legend of the sun knight” by Yu Wo. It’s very funny and has a great plot.

  12. I haven’t read much novels but I also The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage.

    Actually Disciple and Malicious Empress are in first place for me because they are polar opposites. (One is comedic while the latter is dark and serious aahaha)

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