[Disciple Releases] Chapter 238

Chapter 238 can be found here!

To re-emphasize, I’m not lewd. Important things must be said thrice.

Chuo asks: Has anyone asked about TV shows yet?

I will take it as though you’re asking me if I watch any TV shows. 😮
I don’t really watch much TV except for the daily local news during dinner. *coughs* I’m also one of the heathens that haven’t got to watch Game of Thrones yet. Hohoho. Things I do watch though, are anime, and occasionally youtube videos, like short sketches and stuff.

Bananeeg asks: Do you cook? 

Sadly, I don’t cook. I can do some easy stuffs like cooking egg noodles (with pre-made instant noodles of course), and I think I recall making sushi during home economics lessons in secondary school. But that’s about it. So if I ever find myself a wife, she must know how to cook, otherwise we’re both screwed. *coughs*

Anon asks: oh a good question, why don’t you try asking us something instead? XD

Mmm… Well alright then! What are all of your second favourite novels? Obviously, your most favourite novel is Disciple, so there’s no point in asking that! Hohoho! Right, so leave your second favourite novel in the comments down below, so that I can find more novels to read (and to slack off with) !

Also, just to add on about the Q&A. It doesn’t have to always be personal questions, you know? It can be questions related to strange things like that Unitato from before. I’m pretty sure questions like that would be more interesting than my dull life! Hohoho!~

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