[Disciple Releases] Chapter 242

Chapter 242 can be found here!

Hohoho… @Bananeeg, you’re recommending me a novel that got you hooked the day right before your exams, what if this happens right before my exams too! But yes, I spotted Mother of Learning a long time ago while I was still stalking baka-tsuki back in the days. (Ah, memories~). It was one of the two only original novels hosted there back then. Should probably get to reading it too~

TFVE looks interesting and cute, but a total of 1440 raw chapters. orz. Will probably have to go on a week hiatus to finish reading it. Hohoho.

For Youjo Senki, I watched the anime. I don’t think I will pick up the novel though, since the current translated chapters are behind the final episode of the anime. We will see in the future~

Now let’s move on to the questions!

Sunny Sunshine asks: Do you know of papa franku?

Prior before your question, nope. Then I saw that he was a youtuber, and when I clicked on one of his videos… I have no idea what I watched. All I can say is, I probably won’t go back to his channel anytime soon. Hoho. I must add that you… have some unique tastes. *coughs*

Anon asks: Never visited far away countries? Dreamed to doing it? or maybe living elsewhere for choice or work?

Did go to Korea, twice. First when I was kinda young. Second was three years ago? We wanted to see snow, and well, it was indeed snowy and cold, but we didn’t get to see snow actually falling when we were there. Sniff. Next stop would probably be Japan, though we haven’t actually finalized everything yet.

And I don’t think I will choose to live in another country, don’t have the intentions now anyway.

Hunnie asks: Since when was the engagement party?! Do we get invites to both and marriage ceremony?

Shh… It’s a private matter between me and kookie.

Dildrave: Pastimes? Hobbies??

Nothing much to talk about, since I don’t have any significant pastime or hobby! Though I guess keeping up with seasonal animes is one? And really, watching Isekai Shokudou at night is a bad decision, since I will get really hungry. I should probably stop doing that.

Sasasa asks: Do you play any games?

Not entirely hooked onto much games right now. Recently got back to playing the JP version of Fate/Grand Order, though I’m playing it quite casually compared to before. Also started on the NA version, and also playing it quite casually too. I’m in the phase right now where I’m too tired to play games. Hohoho. It will probably pick back up soon. The feeling comes on and off.

Though I am hyped for Ni no Kuni II! Played the first one and it was really quite a fun experience. I heard it’s coming out at the end of the year, which is perfect since it will be end of exam season~

Also, traps aren’t devil incarnates! Don’t make me eat you!


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7 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 242”

  1. From what i know TFVE raw chapters are pretty short so it won’t be really a problem. Sadly there is not a spoiler thread for it yet >.<

    《Observation record of a self-proclaimed villainess’ fiance》 is also funny.

  2. marrying a trap? XD
    no another question, marrying an ahegao g… no, but at least is possible an ahegao girl in reality? how could the japan invent a stupid expression like this? i just don’t understand….
    This should be have been a funny question, but now feel confused <.<

    Oh, thanks for the chapter

    oh.. a good question, what do you think about your country? how do you see it? 🙂

  3. Hohoho you saw right through my evil plan Scrya!
    I didn’t know papa franku either. Now I also am … confused

  4. Re: book recommendations:
    I really enjoyed the manga version of Youjo Senki. It’s done really well. Still ongoing, though.
    Mother of Learning is also neat, but I really wish it had been edited down to <50% length. Also still ongoing.
    If you enjoy Mother of Learning, I'll repeat my previous recommendation of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (hpmor.com), which Mother of Learning was inspired by.
    Also, the author of HPMoR (a westerner) has written a light novel style work (<80 pages), sample chapters of which are available here: http://yudkowsky.net/other/fiction/girl-intercorrupted/, and the full ebook only costs 1$, I think.

  5. Which anime are you watching this season? Also, do you think too much ecchi in an anime ruins it, or makes it better?

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