[Disciple Releases] Chapter 243

Chapter 243 can be found here!

Oh, Harry Potter. Though I did read the entire Harry Potter series, I’m not actually an avid fan of it, so I might not tap that. I might give his light novel a short though, since it’s pretty short, and it seems to be based on Evil God Average, which I liked a lot too!

Anyway, let’s move on to the questions now~

Anon asks: what do you think about your country? how do you see it? 🙂

Mmm… First thought that came to my mind is that it’s relatively safe compared to other countries, I guess? Possession of guns is banned by law in Singapore, so you won’t have to worry being shot out of nowhere. Hoho.

We have good food from all cuisines that can be found anywhere too, so there’s that. Though cost of living is on the upper spectrum, especially when it comes to housing, I think it’s still on a manageable level.

So yeah, it’s a pretty decent place to live in. To me anyway!

Also, about your question about marrying a girl who makes ahegao faces. Hoho. No. It will never happen!

Jaded asks: Which anime are you watching this season? Also, do you think too much ecchi in an anime ruins it, or makes it better?

There’s quite a bit of anime I’m watching this season, or at least have good impressions on. Let’s see… I’m watching Isekai Shokudou which I mentioned before. Gamers! is also one. Fate/Apocrypha is a given! Though, the directing of the anime has been a little disappointing. Same goes for Knights and Magic. It’s as though they’re foregoing all the development chapters and charging straight for the battle scenes. Sigh.

Jitsuryoku Kyoushitsu is a definite keeper, which I’m going to watch till the end. It has a pretty intriguing plot, and I like the snarky remarks the MC makes in his mind.

Princess Principal is also another one that I’m paying attention to. So many plot twists, double crossing, and probably even triple crossing, all in just two episodes. I can’t even. Not to mention Yuki Kajiura is doing the soundtracks. Whew.

There’s more that I’m currently watching, but the above listed are probably the ones I would be keeping up the entire season.

Speaking about ecchi though, doesn’t it all depend on the type of anime? If it’s an anime that focuses on ecchi elements, then there’s no concept of ‘too much ecchi’ there. I mean look at last season’s Eromanga-sensei. That’s an example of pushing ‘ecchi’ to the absolute limits, transcending the concept of trash itself!

But, when it comes to a regular anime, unnecessary shots of panties or close-in shots of girls’ thighs will definitely be a bit uncomfortable to me as a viewer. After all, though I can’t think of any scenes on the top of my head, it will probably mess up the serious atmosphere the scene that had been built with all those unnecessary ecchi moments.

Generally though, I don’t approve of having that much ecchi moments in anime. There’s not much point in them after all. I usually skip the fanservice beach/hot spring episodes of anime too.

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8 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 243”

  1. The situation in italy is not so optimistic, but at least we have good food eheheeh
    If you could ask anything, what would you ask?
    for me, to Max my wisdom XD

  2. It’s funny you should mention ecchi and Yudkowsky’s light novel (A Girl Corrupted by the Internet is the Summoned Hero?!) in the same post, because that one is a rare case of doing ecchi correctly, i.e. by not making it irrelevant to the plot, but instead building part of the plot around it.

  3. I think that it is good that in Knights and Magic they dropped the development chapters. Well, I say that as a person, who has read the novel translations and read the manga.

    Have you watched/read Drifters? It is a nice bloody series by the same author/mangaka as Hellsing. People (the ones I have recommended it to in RL) say that they don’t like it as it is the same as Hellsing, but that is not true. How can they say that when the plot, the characters and the feel is different? The only same thing is the gore.

    Do you have an anime that you can say for sure that it is your most fav, or can you name like 3 animes that are your favorites? Same question about manga and novels~

  4. Ah I see now. Scrya must be an eunuch. Doesn’t want a waifu and thinks ecchi is bad.
    😉 Thanks for the translations Scrya-“Probably (maybe) isn’t actually an eunuch”-kun

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