[Disciple Releases] Chapter 244

Chapter 244 can be found here!

Mmm… I haven’t read or watched Drifters, but I already have the entire anime series downloaded and kept in my backlog. It probably got stuck there because it aired during the exam season. Hoho. I should probably start transferring the episodes to my phone so I can watch it on my train rides once school reopens.

Yeah, I have loads of stuff in my backlog. Probably won’t be able to get through them all. Though I’m pretty sure I’m not the worst of the bunch, especially when I have friends who include games into the backlogs too. I doubt they will be able to clear them all even after they retire from old age. Hohoho~

Anon asks: If you could ask for anything, what would you ask for? 

I’m interpreting this as though you’re asking me if there’s anything I wish to have, if I can, right? Hmm… If I can… I will want to turn back time and go back to my younger days! Now hear me out. Though I believe in the philosophy of accepting one’s past and always moving forward… There are still many things that I want changed, you know!

You see, I’m a klutz. A self-aware klutz. I have done so many embarrassing things and mistakes in the past, I lost count. And because I’m self-aware, these embarrassing memories would very often pop out in my mind, and I would suddenly want to kill myself out of embarrassment. Not to mention, such moments sometimes occur while I’m talking to someone, which means I will blank out recalling these embarrassing moments in front of them, and I would act all awkward, which lead to another embarrassing moment being born!

I can’t stand it! I must erase the cause of all embarrassments by going back in time! It must happen! Someone build a time machine already!

bobolander asks: Do you have an anime that you can say for sure that it is your most fav, or can you name like 3 animes that are your favorites? 

Steins;Gate. No competition! The plot is superb, the characters are well fleshed out, the directing of the anime was done really well, and most importantly, the voice acting! Holy, watching Okabe’s moments of despair coupled with the near-perfect voice-acting really sends chills down my spine even after re-watching it several times.  (Not in a sadistic way, really.)

If there’s anyone of you who have yet to watch this masterpiece, you should really give it a try!

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7 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 244”

  1. The worst imo is when you’re in bed, almost asleep. Then you remember one of those embarassing situation and suddenly you can’t sleep anymore …
    I loved Steins Gate too! But by far my two favourites anime are Code Geass and Shinsekai Yori, do you know (and like) them Scrya?

  2. Tut tu ruu
    I’ve recently watched American Gods and The Young Pope (TV-Shows) so I have a question
    Are there any local gods in your area (besides official religious)?
    And if you see a miracle how fast would you believe in it?
    For example: you is added to chat group and everyone chuunibyo (you should know this plot)
    Or you woke up in middle age world, is it real or did angry readers (they want 2 chapters per day everyday every year) make Truman show for you. How fast will you believe in miracle and throw away scepticism?

  3. About the past, i know what do you mean lol
    I felt in the same way 🙂
    But then i learned a thing!
    But even the bad experience define what we are today and not just this, but even help us to notice what we lack and don’t like of ourselves.
    Them help us to change and don’t repeat the same mistake a second time, or a thrd time.
    What’s bad is not to make a mistake, cuz our knowledge is limited and is inevitable, but don’t learning from it 🙂

    Hail hououin kyouma for ever!
    My second most favorite anime is the fate stay night, expecially the unlimited blade works route 🙂

    Next question, how is your way to see the Justice? do you have an idea about a true form of Justice? excluding the Trap, obviously 🙂

  4. Transfer it, transfer it~ You can also watch it at some boring lecture~ I had a friend who either watched anime, either played games like the latest Pokemon. (not pokemon go)
    I wish I could get back to my school days. I really miss my school, my teachers and the school books, where you know what to find where to find, not like in uni. If I ever return to those days, I pledge that I won’t be as lazy as I was and will study with pleasure. If only I had studied more, I wouldn’t have so many problems in uni.. >.<

    I have always wondered if I should start Steins Gate, but I am not a fan of seeing the main characters in despair. But if someone can guarantee that they will have a happy ending, or at least it won't be tragic, then I might start it.

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