[Disciple Releases] Chapter 245

Chapter 245 can be found here!

Ah, Code Geass is a very popular series. I haven’t really gotten myself into it though. I usually try to shun myself away from mecha-related shows. I don’t know why, but I really don’t like them that much? Robots and mechas may be man’s romance, but it’s not my romance! The only few exceptions so far are Suisei no Gargantia, and Knights and Magic. I think I did try to follow Shin Sekai Yori when it was airing back then, but I think I gave up after the yaoi scene. Hoho.

For Steins;Gate, yes, there is a happy ending to the anime!

Though, the upcoming Steins;Gate 0, the sequel, continues after the bad end of Steins;Gate. But, you will then realize the entirety of the sequel is to prepare for the happy ending in the prequel! It’s timey-wimey, space-time continuum thing. But really, I played the Steins;Gate 0 VN, it was really fun, and the voice-acting was equally top-notch. Hopefully, the anime will be up to expectations too!

Kirall asks: Are there any local gods in your area (besides official religious)?
And how fast will you believe in miracle and throw away scepticism?

Other than religious gods, there aren’t any local gods that we pray to in my area! Not that I’m aware of anyway!

And I probably won’t be able to believe in miracles straight away. If I get transferred to another world, I would, like almost all protagonists, would think it’s a dream at first, until I get tackled by a monster and be saved by a bishoujo… I would probably still think it’s a dream then, even if the tackle hurt like hell.

As for the situation where I’m invited to a chat group with lots of chuunibyous… I would probably leave the group instantly? Hohoho. If you ever used the QQ chat application before, you will realize you get invited to this mass chat groups a lot, where they start to advertise some weird stuffs to everyone in there. I have already honed the instinct of quitting such groups instantly.

I mean, as someone who reads lots of novels, the thought of ‘is it possible that this ___ is happening?’ will surely be at the back of my mind. I mean, who wouldn’t want it to be real, right? But… such miracles don’t happen that often. Must be pragmatic, yo!

NadareRyū asks: if you had time, what language would you like to learn?

Naturally, I want to learn Japanese! I would probably try to pick it up next summer vacation, alongside my (possible?) internship, and when I’m done with disciple!

 Anon asks: How is your way to see the Justice? do you have an idea about a true form of Justice?

Ah, difficult question. I don’t really know how to answer this. Hoho. But, if I have to give an answer, then… LOLIS ARE JUSTIC- no officer, I didn’t mean it that way, yes, yes. It’s only a joke, no need to barge all the way to my roo-, no, no, there’s nothing on my computer, I swear. You won’t find anything. Really. Believe me! What, the girl in the picture? She’s 18 years old! Really! Wait, why are you handcuf-

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9 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 245”

  1. about justice
    “Even if Nanaki kills children, kills the elderly, commits and is blamed for all the evils in the world, Nanaki can be forgiven. Even if you blame, even if you hate, that cannot stop Nanaki. If you want to stop Nanaki, there is no choice but to fight, if you do not want to be killed, then kill Nanaki. This is the way of the world.”
    Airport Empress Nanaki

  2. Well I don’t like mechas either but honestly even though you see them a lot in Code Geass, they’re completely unimportant. They could be relaced by any other «new weapon» and it wouldn’t change anything
    Shinsekai Yori can be hard to get into, especially since it’s just so weird in the beginning with their society where everyone’s bisexual for example hoho but if you can get into, oh boy you’re in for a treat

    Imo there can be no «true justice» because everyone has different opinions and morals so whatever anyone do there will always be some who think it’s not just

    Do you think it’s better to be hated because you’re honest or to be loved for your lies?

  3. What games, if any, do you play? PC, 3DS? Ps4?
    I personally like Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons/ Rune factory series

    I feel like we’re almost doppelgangers, as I too shun away from most mecha/eechi animes, with a few exceptions.

  4. Code Geass is pretty much like a death note, but with mecha and a little of love 🙂
    Pretty much a good work.

    Yeah, if it’s not trap, it’s loli XD

    A real revelation XD

    I can see that do you like fate stay night, i can say that it is my second favorite visual novel 🙂
    I particolary loved his chara and sound.
    And you? What has struck you particularly?

    Never played “eien no aselia”? the pictures are not perfect, but i honestly loved the story and his vision of the war 🙂

    Thanks for your hard work 🙂

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